Tuesday 26 March 2013

Seoul Yummy, Mouthwatering Experience at Bugis+


What's so yummy about it?

Seoul Yummy is your next Korean Casual Dining in Singapore offering diners a taste of unique flavours of Korean Cuisine that is popular among Koreans, Locals and even foreigners.

At Seoul Yummy, good quality Korean cuisine is served along with excellent customer service at great value. Encompasses Korean unique culture in their extensive menu which ranges from appetizer to mouth-watering desserts!


They are cook with WATER

Come and have a taste of it in a casual, comfortable yet contemporary setting while being served by Seoul Yummy's courteous, friendly & customer oriented service crews!

You will definitely walk out smiling .

Food Tasting Time!!



 Spicy Rice Cake 

It's a mild spicy but definitely worth a try!
That spiciness keeps you craving for more! You can't help but pop one after another into your mouth!
This dish makes an awesome appetizer. 
For small eaters, this dish might just be right for you! 

 Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi 

You must be wondering what's so awesome about this dish?
The pork is tender and thinly sliced unlike some others you eat, whereby it taste pretty much rubber. Besides that, it isn't oily. Everything is just nice and just right. WELL DONE PORK BELLIES!
My love for pork bellies!



What's a korean meal without awesome side dishes, aye?
There's refill!! Indulge as much as you can.

 Ginseng Chicken 

This dish is usually the expensive dish! A dish well-loved in Korea as well.
I'm not much a fan of ginseng so I usually tend to give ginseng dishes a miss. But to my surprise, the ginseng taste isn't that strong to the extend it makes you sick. It's of reasonable and bearable amount. What's MORE? I actually had majority of this dish to myself!! Well, Zerika and Mr Style King had a minimal portion too, of course! Haha!

I actually love this dish! Initially, we only thought it's chicken and soup with some egg strips as dressings until i dig into the bottom that I found there's more to this dish then what meets the eye! There's RICE!!

The rice and boiled until it is really soft, it feels like eating chicken porridge! The rice isn't as soft to the extend it breaks easily neither is it hard like normal rice we'll eat with dishes. It's soft and pretty much melts in the mouth. With that, I fell in love with this dish even more!

** MUST TRY!! **

 Army Stew 

3 different Stew to choose from:
Assorted Meat
Spicy Octopus and Assorted Seafood

Love steamboat?
If you do, you ought to give this dish a try!

This dish has been pretty much an all-time favourite at Korean eateries. Basically it's easy and definitely helpful when you have no idea what to order yet want to have everything! Just a pot of stew with a bowl of rice is enough to give you a fulfilling lunch/dinner!

The soup base is great! Zerika couldn't stop herself from drinking the soup and we had at least 4x of soup refill! 

Currently, Army Stew dish has an ongoing promotion. Yes, you saw it right! One promotion not to be missed!! Check it out below!

AWESOME isn't it?


You can even customise your Bibimbab at Seoul Yummy, with your preferred topping and sauce!

Types of toppings:
Spicy Chicken
Spicy Pork
Tender Beef
Spicy Octopus
Braised Pork Belly (subject to availability)

Types of Sauce:
SupaHot Sauce
Bibim Sauce (Original)
GG Sauce
BBQ Sauce

 Pomegranate Pink 

Mr Style King was pretty thirsty that night, thus we were given a huge glass to share along with our desserts! Take a guess, do you think Mr Style King finished this huge glass of Pomegranate Pink drink?

A very refreshing drink that helps quench one's thirst. And a very good one to share with your other half! 

There's mint leaves in it, to make it a little minty!
Simply an awesome drink! 

 Korean Patjook 

And so, it's time for desserts! How can your meal be complete without awesome desserts right?
You may add your choice of ice cream too! (Green Tea, Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate and Strawberry)


Those of you who love red/green bean soup, you are gonna love this dessert! The beans are not too soft nor hard, it's just nice and chewy. After a spoon of it, you can't stop from having more!

 JeJu Island Sundae 
Caramel with Chocolate & Cream
(3 different flavours to choose from)

Another awesome dessert to recommend!
Caramel with Chocolate & Cream was what we got! A refreshing dessert that would let your mind wonder off to lovely Jeju in Korea! And also, one that keeps you craving for more as well! It's a pretty good combination, that's crunchy, chewy and sweet! 

Total Love!

Well, i myself love sweet stuffs. So i totally dig this dish!
*thumbs up*

And NOW...

p/s: you can totally tell how much we've enjoyed ourselves at Seoul Yummy, aye?

I definitely enjoyed my meal at Seoul Yummy! The servers were friendly and I had an enjoyable time with Zerika, Mr Style King and of course not forgetting the awesome food with really reasonable pricing!

There are a couple more awesome dishes which we were unable to try, cause we had too much that night. We will definitely be back to try the other awesome recommended and best seller dishes! (that's like literally everything in the menu!! oh my gosh!) How will you be able to go on a diet with all these tempting dishes?!! 

There's MORE...

Seoul Yummy also offers eye-catching Lunch Promotion right now!

If you have not given Seoul Yummy a try,

Head on down for a sumptuous meal at Seoul Yummy!!
You definitely won't regret!

Here's my very first Vlog made on Seoul Yummy, Bugis+ along with Zerika and Mr Style King. It is pretty much a trailer version/ sneak preview of what's going to be up next in our blogs!

Do enjoy, rate and comment!
Much love! xoxo 

It's really the LAST.

What does this remind you off?
It's a popular thing couple Koreans do. It is also often seen in Korean dramas as well.

You must be wondering why are there locks around at Seoul Yummy, don't you?
For every $5 donation, you get a lock to write your well wishes.
All donation proceedings will go to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Besides that,
Be sure to take a photo of yourself with your wishing lock at Seoul Yummy's Bugis+ outlet and upload it onto their Facebook page HERE and get your friends/fans/family/parents to "Like". The entry with the most "Likes" stand to win $100 worth of Seoul Yummy dining vouchers!

As easy as that!
Ends 29th March 2013, 12 noon!

Till then.

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