Thursday 27 September 2012


Before I start on my post for the day! Here're the results from my previous post! =D

Woke up this morning, got my face washed and wala! my pimples were reduced a little compared to the day before! The only thing is, the breakout area is red. Thus, I'm going to be testing out the ice method and hopefully it'll reduce the redness before applying on toothpaste! And in no time, flawless skin! Hooray!! (:

Conclusion is: It does work! Give it a try ;)


My post for the day!

It's daddykins birthday today! And because of the amount of work I've yet to complete for next week's graduation, I had to give afternoon activities a miss and only joined in for dinner in the evening.

Dinner was at PARADISE INN @ NEX.

Resturant Front

Pork Trotter Vermicelli!
My fav

 Beansprout with Salted Fish

Kong Ba Pao

P/S: I forgot the rest of the food names! My bad.. @.@

It was definitely a satisfying dinner with the family! A simple birthday celebration yet it makes me so happy! (:

And, once again before the clock hits midnight..

I  ♥ You!

Childhood Photo with Daddy ♥
The MOST handsomest dude on earth; TO ME.

Urgh. I think I've caught the flu bug. My nose has been running like a broken water tap! Besides that, it's an awesome night for a nice peaceful sleep with the rain! Any hoots, Good Night everybody and it's TGIF tomorrow baby! (:

Till then.

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