Monday 22 October 2012

Happy 21st Sidekick @ Paul's Bakery

And so, it was a crazy friday night indeed. Rushed home from work to change before heading down to my darling sidekick's 21st birthday dinner at Paul's Bakery. We had a theme/dress code for the night which was "CUTE & PRETTY". On second thoughts, my outfit's pretty out of place? Haha! Anyway, sidekick has FINALLY turned the big 2-1!!

21 is an age whereby everyone would more or less say.. "once you reach 21, your age flies by really fast." I use to chuckle and laugh thinking it isn't true, but now I have to admit. Time sure passes really fast after hitting 21! @.@

Back to topic.. The service at Paul's wasn't as expected BUT the food was pretty good and so is the price! One glass of coke costs $4.90, and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea costs $7.90! As for the food pricing, it's pretty reasonable.

 i had this (forgot what it's called), which sidekick's bf called it "baby food".
it's cod fish with mash potatoes & bread crumps (lovely!!)

.our big happy family.
okie, i'm in a really awakard pose >.<

Darling sidekick was so touched, she teared at the sight of her birthday cake! (so cute!) and now we know, cakes can make her tear. haha! Love this girl, she can be feisty, angsty yet randomly cute and sweet all together! I'll definitely miss having both sidekicks around like how it use to be when we were still having classes together. Now, that we've graduated and started on our career. We'll need to find time to catch up once in awhile ;)

Love Note:

"Hey sidekick, hope you've had an enjoyable & memorable 21st (I'm sure you did!!)!! And, hopefully you'll like your present too! Loves!"

And so, we ended a touching and lovely night with the birthday cake! As for round 2.. well, we each had our own activities going on.. and so that came to a closure for sidekick's 21st.

By the way, we had to have the cake else where because it's their policy of "NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED". But then, they were kind enough to allow the birthday girl to have her birthday song sang and candles blowed! (:

Paul's Bakery
391 Orchard Road
#03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City
Tel: 68365932
Mon - Fri : 10:00 - 23:00

Till then.

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