Tuesday 9 October 2012

Taken 2


Have you guys watch Taken? And totally fell for the movie cause it was SIMPLY AWESOME?! Well, Liam Neeson is back again with TAKEN 2! The latest box office hit at the moment all round sunny island, Singapore.

In Taken, Liam Neeson goes all out with his awesome skills to save his daugher. NOW in Taken 2 he's back to save his wife and keep his daughter safe.

Read along, check out the trailer and snoops and get yourself craving to watch, TAKEN 2 in cinemas near you.

In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.

Taken 2, Official Trailer

Of course Liam Neeson (Bryan Mills) is back again with his awesome, alert professional skills in Taken 2. But I personally preferred Taken, because there's more depth to the movie of a father trying hard to save and protect his one and only daughter. I wouldn't say that the plot for Taken 2 is bad, it's pretty good just not that awesome compared to the first movie. Well, I don't want to be a spoiler by telling you guys what happened. All I can say is, the action scenes and the way his skills are being displayed is down right AWESOME!! Worth watching, but I'll rate it 7 stars? Cause some parts, could've been better (in my opinion). Let me know what  you guys think, after catching the movie! We could have a little discussion on it (:

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