Thursday 21 February 2013

Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day Nails by Niu Nails

Chinese New Year?

Valentine's Day?

ROM or Wedding?

Special Occasions?



Girls like being pretty and looking good right? I admit, i'm vain and I really love and enjoying dressing up! Of course, besides looking good and dressing up, your nails compliments your whole outlook as well! And since the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day is approaching and they are back-to-back this year, why not get my nails done? OH! There's another reason why I wanted my nails done too. February is definitely a month of happiness and joy! I was invited to my bosses' wedding too! That's another plus point why I wanted my nails done. >.-

I dropped Serene a line a week before my bosses wedding and made an appointment the night before to get my nails done. After finding out, she's out on her own freelancing as a manicurist. Why not? Since I do intend to get my nails done after all and have not decided where. And that's where it all started..

P/S: Of course how could I ever forget my buddy, Zerika!! We both always get our girly stuffs done together. And so, we both got our nails done at Niu Nails! ♥

A little about the manicurist, Serene.
Graduated from Pink Room with a Diploma.

 Niu Nails Price List 
All these can be found on Niu Nails Website
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Serene does her nails from home, located at Hougang Street 91. (For further details of the exact location, do ask upon your appointment booking!) 

 How to get there? 

From Hougang MRT station take bus 72​​.
Alight at the 6th bus stop. 
(press the google map icon for map)

That night, Zerika and I met after work before heading down to Serene's place together. I got a little stuck at work and thus we ended reaching Serene's place close to 8pm. It was a fun and enjoyable experience getting my nails done by a friend! I chose to do gelish nails, cause my nails tend to break pretty easily and gel nails help "toughen" your nails a little.

 Photo time! 

finally! got my nails done! ♥ it!
thanks serene, for taking my random changes at the last moment!

Zerika & I have gotten our nails done! ♥

that's us cam whoring away with our nicely done gelish nails!
Thanks to Serene & Niu Nails! ♥

For you girls out there who enjoys and loves getting your nails done! Serene gives excellent service and she's very passionate with getting our manicure/pedicure prettily done up! SO, do give your support to Niu Nails! Her rates are reasonable, and affordable! What's best about her service is, she offers house-calls but there will be a surcharge of $50 for her transportation. For more details, do check out Niu Nails website, Facebook Page or call/sms Serene (details can be found below).

Here are some designs done by Serene at Niu Nails 
(all images can be found on her Facebook Page)
Photo Credit: Niu Nails

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