Wednesday 10 April 2013

It's called "FRIENDSHIP" ♥

Hey Guys!

I've been pretty caught up with work to blog much these days! So, this is gonna be a really short post.
Well, some of you may know and some may not! What's i'm gonna touch on today is on..


We've each been busy with our working life these days to really meet up and bitch, gossip or simply yo just have fun like before. Because of such, my life has been awesome with awesome people by my side through the years. Bad, good, happy, sad or whatever feelings there may be.

Don't you ever missed the times where meeting often isn't such a hassle, because we have all the time in the world besides studying. But as we mature into adults, our lives are being taken with many other things as well as different groups of friends. No matter what, no matter how.. the ones closest to you will always remain the same be it near or far, busy or not. There will always be thousand and one things to talk about even if there hasn't been time to meet up for months! A simple "i miss you" sometimes just makes your day doesn't it? These words are words you love hearing from the people closest to you, knowing they still remember you.

Well, one of my closest buddy is residing in Aussie (of course she isn't forgotten!!), while another's here. As we grow older, i hope this friendship of ours will remain forever till the day we're old and toothless.

Till then..

This post is dedicated to my buddy, ZERIA GAN, because it's her BIRTHDAY today!!
A simple friendship video, i hope it would make her stressful days happier! *winks*


To Miss Gan,


Hope you've had an awesome one!
Till we meet again,
you are missed!!
xoxo. ♥

(Problems uploading the video! -.-)

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Till then.

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