Wednesday 12 June 2013

LollyTalk Acquired Collection & Sneak Peek into LollyTalk's newest upcoming launch!

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LollyTalk is back with a range of new flavours suited to the tastebuds of us, Singaporeans! Loyal fans of LollyTalk would have known by now that LollyTalk has just launched 6 new acquired flavours last month! If you have not tried them, then you ought to give these really cool flavours a try! If you never try, you'll never know! (:

Chilli Lime.

This was the first flavour which I sampled. Initially, i thought how spicy can a chilli candy get and  i thought it would be pretty much sourish, cause there's lime in it. But this candy totally proved me wrong. It's REALLY spicy!! I can't really take that spicy, thus this was a little too much for me to handle. Those of you who do not eat chilli, would find this flavour a little too taxing to your tastebuds. But it totally suit those of you who really love eating chilli!

Plum Guava.

I liked the taste of this flavour. It has plum bits in it. Really unique! It feels like eating guava coated with plum powder! YUMS!! 

Menthol Grape.

Those of you who love peppermint or mint. This might just be the candy for you! It's a minty fruity candy. A lovely mixture enough to make your mouth feel really fresh yet fruity!

Spicy Mango.

This is another spicy flavour. This flavour starts out sweet, before the spiciness of it starts creeping onto your tastebuds. That's when it SLOWLY starts to get REALLY spicy. For me, it's the spiciness that overrules the mango.

Honey Lemon.

I really liked the taste of Honey Lemon! I can't really explain to you why and how, but i love it!
It is a flavour beyond description. It's sweet, yet with a little subtle taste of lemon.

Menthol Honey Lemon.

It's honey lemon with a twist of mint! Not mild mint, but pretty strong taste of peppermint. It can get pretty "spicy" but it leaves your mouth feeling really cool and refreshed! 

The Acquired Taste Collection.

The Acquired Taste Collection are specially made rock candies, kept and packaged in bottles as they contain all natural ingredients like Chilli Padi extract, Natural Lemon extract, Natural Lime extract, Menthol Crystal, Plum bits, Apple Bits, Cranberries bits etc.

50g Bottle

Head on down to LollyTalk (Plaza Singapura), 
Have a taste AND grab them before it all runs out!!

While in the mist of sampling LollyTalk's newest acquired taste, it was also time for the rock candy making demo! And they are making my very favorite flavour.. ROOT BEER!!!
The strong fragrance of Root Beer that fills the shop makes me feel really happy.

If you have never seen how rock candies are being made and you happen to be around Plaza Singapura, do stop by LollyTalk and check if they are doing any candy making demonstration then! It'll be quite an experience watching, seeing and learning a thing or two about LollyTalk too!

The staff of LollyTalk are really friendly people. They won't bite.
I promise! (:

Everyone's engross with Keow Yuen narrative candy demonstration!
Even my mom (the one in white)! Hurhur.


Here's a little sneak peak with what's been brewing at LollyTalk recently...
LollyTalk will be launching another new flavour, really soon! None other then.. 

Can You Guess?

It's fruity.
It's sweet.
It's delicious & yummy.
A beautiful combination of flavours!

* contains real bits of Apple and Cranberry *

Not available yet.

This sweet lovely combination would keep you popping candy after candy into your mouth! One tiny piece isn't enough for satisfy!
MUST try!!

Another flavour that's going to be launched and is just as good as the Apple and Cranberry is..

* contains real bits of mango *

Not available yet.
maybe when the mango and peaches are in season.
* sorry no photos yet either *

Besides that.. how many of you have tried Sour Lemon Level 3 and yet feel it's not sourish enough?

After sampling this new awesome tiny piece of candy, I have to say I was totally knocked off my feet. It totally blew my mind off! With that, I'm pretty much sure you can guess. Those of you, after sampling still feel it's not enough.. Man, i've to really salute your tastebuds! Haha

Sour Lemon Level..
Not 1.
Not 2.
Not 3.

Not available yet.
Keep a look out on LollyTalk's Facebook Page for Sour Lemon Level 4 launch news!

Refill Packs in 50g.
*fully aluminum *

Not available yet.

These refill packs are unlike the usual aluminum coated packaging are FULLY ALUMINIUM that enables and ensures the candies are kept fresh. LollyTalk will be the first rock candy maker to produce these refill pack packagings.

You will not need to buy bottles after bottles! You can soon buy refill packs and reuse your candy glass bottles!!

Photos taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR700.

I had a lovely time spent at LollyTalk that late afternoon, sampling all the different flavours as well as catching the candy making demonstration live! Besides that, I'm really honoured to be one of the first few to get a sneak peek into their upcoming new flavour(s) launch!

Heaps of hard work and effort is put into making these lovely candies. So do give LollyTalk your sweet kindest support! You are always free to sample these awesome rock candies before making your purchase. LollyTalk also does customise candies for weddings, birthdays, events and many other special occasions! 

Do "Like" LollyTalk's Facebook Page to keep yourself fully equipped with their latest news, latest and upcoming newest launches! 

Till then.

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