Friday 7 June 2013

Noel Caleb Model Search 2


I'm back with Round 2 of Noel Caleb's Model Search 2013 at The Co.!

After passing the selection, here i am back again with my second round of training while Noel Caleb had another round of casting selection for new aspiring models!

It was another great evening spent making new friends and this time round, my buddy and fellow blogger, Zerika came along to cheer me on! (aww.. so touched!!) Thanks to her, i've managed to get quite a number of photos, definitely more then the previous. Besides that, was happy to see vlog blogger Luinfaniel again!

The evening started with Noel Caleb's founder, Eileen who gave us a heads up into the fashion show that is going to be held at Avalon on the 29th of June. More details were being brief to us in preparation for this amazing event that will be held in 2 weeks! *(Details about the event are stated at the bottom)

There were definitely more girls turning up for the second round of casting that evening, including the ones who have been selected. I'm really looking forward to this event as well as the memories i'll be making through this journey.

No other then Miss Jamie Lim, winner of New Paper New Face 2011 who was present to train the models in their catwalk. Giving tips and correcting us the proper way of a catwalk (which i have all forgotten over the years. hurhur).

So, that's me doing the catwalk. I had my arms swinging everywhere beyond control that night. For once, after so long i actually felt really nervous! It's been a long while since i've had that many pairs of eyes staring at me. It felt good yet a little weird. And all my brains could think of was.. events of mishaps that could take place, like tripping over my heels and falling flat on my face and such. How imaginative my brain was at that moment that i couldn't keep my composure. Sigh.

Here's Jamie, giving me tips while correcting my errors. Ooops! It's back to basics (:

Try again! This time, i had slightly better control of my arms. It's interesting how slight adjustments to your body could make everything look different. There's definitely more to learn. So much so for the love of watching fashion shows. Doing and watching is definitely two different thing.

Next up, was photography. Fashion photographer Michel Tay was our photographer for the night. In front of a camera lens, everyone would always want to look good. I'm really curious how the photo turned out inside Michel's DSLR though. Can't wait to check the photos out too, if there's ever a possibility.

Having to come up with poses within seconds can be pretty nerve wrecking. Sometimes, your mind goes blank, while at times you wonder if you will look really odd with that pose. Whatever it is, it is free and easy, space is given for you to explore! It's definitely smack right fun! (:

Photos taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR700.

And to end off the night and training, here's a group photo of the lovely girls and uprising aspiring models of Noel Caleb's upcoming Fashion Show! Come support us, cheer us on and have an awesome evening spent at Avalon! (:


You get to enjoy exclusive fashion show, showcasing participating local and overseas independent labels of premium designed.

Shop for desired pieces at the booths of respective labels at special prices of $50 - $300 for one day ONLY.

Get a makeover, look good and be photographed at styling stations.

Party your saturday night away against the backdrop of Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands!


Tickets are going at $60 per pax (Public)
Special Group Offer: $35 per ticket for groups of 4.
* Special arrangements for sales can be made for bulk orders.
* This event is only for guests 18 and above.
* Each ticket includes a free drink, special discounts with participating brands and entry into Avalon after 10pm.
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More details and information at Fashion In A City Events Page.

Till then.

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