Saturday 28 December 2013

TSUBAKI and SENKA Launch at Butter Studio.

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Thanks to Mae and her team for the lovely invite to TSUBAKI and SENKA's latest launch: The Secret Garden which was held at Butter Studio!

It was a great catch up with fellow blogger & actress, Evalee during the event! That's not all, I made new friends too! ;)

There were couple of interactive stations to take part in and win some awesome goodies!
Here I am, trying out some of the hair products by Tsubaki Hair Care!

Ta Da! The end result.
Spot the difference?

This station totally cracked me up! Fastest fingers first!
What's your fastest speed to fix up that puzzle from scratch?

Here I am, working really hard to be the fastest!

Me and my end product!
Wasn't the fastest, but hey! 
It didn't leave me going off empty handed either :)

This station totally tests if you were actually paying attention during the presentation.
Guess what, although I had the right questions I had aiming issues.

Besides all the activities to get us all engaged, refreshments were provided!
Yummy much?

It's been awhile since I've last stood in front of a rolling camera.
How honored to get interviewed! Hehe.

. Damage Hair Care Emulation .

Leave in treatment that encompasses a new highly penetrative boost formula where luxurious repair ingredients are blended together with penetrative essence for improved permeability, which lets the ingredients penetrate deep into the core of each hair shaft to repair and restore suppleness and lustre from roots to tips without leaving any sticky residue.

100ml - $16.90

. Damage Care Hair Water .


Instant repairs dry and brittle hair for a smoother feel and manageability elastic and lustrous hair right from the roots to the tips while protecting the hair against UV exposure during the day, leaving the hair with a hint of camellia and green fragrance!

250ml - $16.90
Refill Pack (220ml) - $13.50

. Speedy Perfect Whip .

A new cleaning technology that removes dirt/impurities and oil gently and effectively without stripping away the essential moisture from our face, quick and easy (rinsing with only half the time required)!

Besides creating a think, creamy foam with one pump, it's moisturizing ingredient includes white cocoons that leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturized!

What's more?

It's suitable for ALL skin types!

150ml - $13.90
Refill Pack (130ml) - $10.90

Available exclusively at Watsons from
6 February 2014!

With the lovely girls before bidding goodnight.

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