Sunday 14 December 2014

My Selfie Stick Journey; Come Experience It With Me!


I've always loved taking selfies, and it's easy taking selfies when you're alone or with a couple of friends (keeping it at it's minimum). But what happens when you've got a group?

Sometimes you wonder, if you've got a huge group of friends how in the world are you ever gonna fit every single one into your picture?

For once, i'm able to take selfies without having my face smacked right in the front and looking huge. Thanks to the selfie stick, i'm able to take massive group photos and still being able to keep my face small. #vainityasalways

Of course, practice makes perfect.

Has this ever happen to you before? 

It was my first ever try with a selfie stick and that's what happens when you aren't ready and caught off guard. "101" disasters that took place with my first try using the selfie stick:

- had issues trying to station my selfie stick without my hand weavering
- had no idea just relaying on my hand the selfie stick suddenly felt heavy at that point of time
- set my camera timer wrongly and just as manage to get the right angle, my pose wasn't ready

It got better after my second try :)
MAX happy!

But with every first times, there will always be improvements. Right now, the selfie stick is a huge love for me. Cause I get to snap awesome group photos without having my face blown up real big right in front. I can even capture my outfit of the day along with everyone else. I am just falling in love with my selfie stick after every single usage.

I would like to thank BBQ Singapore for this awesome selfie stick and for giving me this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning a selfie stick! BBQ Singapore not just provides BBQ equipments for BBQ lovers they do have a Free Gift section just for you!

Check out BBQ Singapore to find out what else they have install, just for you!

Last but not least, before i end my post..

 5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Selfie Stick 

 It saves your arm from aching while stretching them to the fullest just to get everyone into the picture

 It helps you to take awesome group photos without having your face looking all huge just because you're the one holding the camera and standing right in-front. (selfie lovers will feel this pain)

 It helps with taking selfie ootd shoots, when there isn't anyone else around to help (just like the photo above)

It brings taking selfie into another level, cause you get to capture more scenery and lovely background you wished you could take together (with you in it)

It makes taking photos real fun! Cause you get more advantages to play around and capture awesome photos unlike just using your hands for selfie which restricts the amount of things you would like to capture in one shot.

My list could have gone on and on and on. But i shalln't bore you further.
You seriously need to own one to experience it!
It's AWESOME & I'm LOVIN' it!

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Till then.

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