Saturday 24 November 2012

SM Town World Tour Concert 2012

Annyoung lovely Kpop lovers!

Were you guys at SM Town's World Tour Concert 2012 held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform yesterday? Couple of my friends were, but it's a huge event thus it's impossible to bump into every single one of them! Even though some of us were at the SAME area, we could bypass each other just like that. (it could also be the fact, that i'm "blinded") >.-

As you know the weather in Singapore hasn't been very awesome recently. It's the monsoon period and it's been raining almost EVERY single day! Well, this year's concert is a rain or shine event. And it just has to be on THIS day that pours like crazy with mad thunder and lightning!

Attended SM Town with my dearest twin, Amanda. Haven't seen this girl for ages ever since she left work for uni. We both have been crazy kpop fans, dancing and enjoying kpop songs while at work to keep us entertained whenever there weren't any customers. We blended way too well! This is our very first kpop concert together and we were both looking forward to it for months! We had our tickets booked a month ago, when the early bird were being released. We had a tough time refreshing Sistic page for hours to ensure we get the tickets and mosh pit of our choice! It was MADNESS.

Because we had our tickets bought a month before, we were all excited and have been looking forward to this day for the longest time! But, sometimes shit happens. I was badly ill that same week and YES, i still attended the concert. I paid $200 over bucks for it, why not?

**Warning: Photo Spam**

yes, we had no where else to go for lunch since we had to queue.
we had wanton mee by the roadside while queuing under the hot sun.
*thank you darling for buying my share! ♥*

check out the queue!

 it started to drizzle.
poor people waiting for their turns to use the toilets under the rain.

 then comes the mad crazy heavy downpour!
also the time when people started fainting.

and here we are, still having fun in our own little world.

 Amanda with her $2 daiso poncho
with two BIG lobangs at the side.
(i'm the guilty party, cause my dad bought it -.-)

 some dude was in urgent need of the toilet,
he left his umbrella unattended and overturned.

AND.. here he is!

SM Town set list.

Here are the SM artist who were here for the concert!

 missing members: heechul (army), lee teuk (army), siwon (drama schedule)

guest: henry & zhou mi



Girls Generation





The groups performed at random, taking rotated turns to perform on stage. The performance was awesome. There were parts where the performance totally made the audience and fans go wild. Even I had a moment of that, leaving me speechless. It's the usual, guys going crazy over the girl groups and girls going all hyped over boy groups. You could even feel the sudden drop and rise of energy when each group came out to perform.

Due to the heavy downpour before the concert started, the screen at mosh pit A was down. Some were disappointed, the mosh pits were split into 2 groups (1 and 2). Those at mosh pit A2 had to rely on the screen whenever we get blocked. The artist showed their concern over the audience and fans and also gratitude that the whole marina bay platform was filled with people despite the rain.

There's too many to talk about as to what happened during the concert. I would always say photos tell a thousand words, but this time it's an exception. Because of the tight security walking up and down, it made taking photos a little hard since i was standing away from the crowd. Firstly, it made viewing the whole stage much easier compared to being all squashed at the front and you have tall guys blocking your view. Having to tip toe throughout the concert is tiring. Secondly, I needed some air cause I was still unwell. Thirdly, I didn't want to faint. (:

Mini fireworks display at the end of the concert, as the SM artist came out for their finale song. It was amazing! It was a happy yet sad moment. Cause it means, the concert has come to an end.

eunhyuk is definitely a dancing machine!
it was awesome watching him dance LIVE!!
and he's pretty cute in person too!

amanda and i getting all crazy after the concert and crazy heavy downpour
we sure had fun! photos tell a thousand words, don't they?

on our way back, we saw some fans waiting in the rain for the idols to return to Ritz Carlton
i seriously *salute* them for brazzing through the heavy rain just to wait.
some waited under shelter opposite at millennia walk.
amanda and i managed to catch suju alighting from their van as we headed to the carpark. a moment of blissfulness! haha

Photography wasn't allowed and security was so much tighter compared to Big Bang's concert at the Indoor Stadium. I saw a couple of girl's camera being confiscated or dragged out midway during the concert by the SM staffs and bouncers. It was THAT bad. Amanda and I didn't wanna get caught, we decided to be really good citizens and obey the rules (for once) and just enjoy the concert. Thus, there aren't much photos taken. And apologies for the bad photos too. It was still raining then. You'll understand right? (:

All in all, it's definitely a very memorable day spent with Amanda and I bet she feels the same way too! We braved the storm, hunger, thirstyness and cold together! haha. As this is our first, it definitely won't be our last. Who knows what we might do next? Most probably fly to korea to watch more kpop concerts, shop, eat, sightsee etc. We've been wanting to visit Korea for the longest time ever! That day will definitely come to pass ONE of these days! 

We both went back home tired, slightly drenched and soaked but definitely the BEST and MOST memorable concert ever! This will definitely be a memory for the both of us! As we think back about this day, we'll definitely laugh at how silly we've been, yet it's all worth it. We are only young once, experience plays a big part in life doesn't it? (:

Smile & Have an awesome restful Sunday! (:

*more updates coming up soon! so.. STAY TUNE!!*

Till then.

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