Friday 24 May 2013

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 4D Launch ONLY at Sentosa 4D Adventureland!

Event Launch 

I was looking forward to this event even before the week started! The previous time I came, I had so much fun with the rides and enjoyed myself heaps and I'm really glad to be back again! Besides that, I'm really honored to be one of the first few to catch Journey 2 the Mysterious Island in 4D!!

Let's have a kick start to what went on with my awesome night filled with continuous laughter with fellow bloggers and my side kicks! Shall we? (:

At every event, you can never miss out having an awesome MC aye? (He looks really familiar though). It started with a little interaction session, as the event was filled with media, bloggers, vbloggers as well as Ridwan Azman fans! Uh huh, that's how exciting the night is gonna be!

Dinner was catered for us! Look at those yummy food! Sadly, Zerika Celia and I had ours before coming. We didn't know dinner was being provided and we were pretty full to stuff our stomachs further ):

Everyone was in the mist of having dinner, while at the same time waiting for the ride to start. And of course, we couldn't help ourselves but start our photo bomb moments! If you have been following and reading my blog posts often, you would realize it's a typical thing me and Zerika would ALWAYS do whenever we are together. And that night, i brought along another cam crazy munchkins, Celia! Hahaha!!

And, we bumped into Evalee! Alright, we actually bumped much earlier when we were catching the shuttle bus to Sentosa. Group photo!! (:

Sometimes, I really have no idea what Zerika's up too! 0.0

After having a couple of our camera fun, it's off for the main attraction for the night - Journey 2 The Mysterious Island. Presented FIRST time in Asia, Sentosa 4D Adventureland launches an all new 4D movie experience showcasing an All-Star Hollywood Cast! Here's a little insides to get started!

Dwayne Johnson
Josh Hutcherson
Vanessa Hudgens
Michael Caine
Luis Guzman

15 minutes

Seating Capacity: 96

Hollywood Blockbuster, "Journey 2 The Mysterious Island" from Warner Bro. Pictures is now back! Not in 2D, 3D BUT 4D!! "A timeless classic novel and adventurous theme that brings out the child in each and every one of us". How amazingly sweet is that?

This new show also symbolizes a brand new identity for their product to meet the desires of their audiences and will officially open doors to visitors on 22nd May 2013 at Southeast Asia's FIRST four dimensional theatre located at Imbiah Lookout in Sentosa.

 What's Amazing? 

Special sensory effects
DTS 6.1 sound system
State of the Art Digital Projection
Seats offering vibration and drop movement

Fellow friends and blogger, HP and Evalee posing while in the queue.

Inside the waiting area, listening to the safety video being played on screen.

That's all the photos I've got for the night, cause no video or photography is allowed inside the theatre! (:

Well, since we are already here. How could we just stop at one attraction right?!! Of course, there's MORE!! (:

There was a little intermission before the event officially ended and before we left for the other attraction for the night. A celebrity blogger/actor was called onto stage for a short interview. I'm sure most of you would be able to guess who? He's no other then Recruit Ismail who is also a blogger (:

Fans of Ridwan Azman.. 

P/S: Apologies for the unstable videos! Enjoy! (:

Ridhwan Azman VS Sentosa Staff in The Ball Game.

Ridhwan Azman singing Baby.

camera bomb moments again! (:

Group photo with 2 other cute bloggers we bump into at the event! Angie and Fanny (:

Here we are at our next attraction, Log Ride in 3D! At the waiting room, enjoying the tribal atmosphere and once again watching the safety video before entering the main theatre!

We are all READY and PREPARED for Log Ride in 3D!

Alright, that's really the last! >.-

Photos taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR700.

It was definitely an awesome experience spent at Sentosa 4D Adventureland! I totally loved the special effects that went around with the show. Besides that, it woken up all my 5 senses as well. I was really engrossed throughout the whole show, dodging and getting surprise "shocks" here and there. It was so much fun!! Would love to go again and the next time round, i'm definitely gonna bring D, K and my parents! Sentosa 4D Adventureland is definitely an awesome place for families and humans of all ages to enjoy, have heaps of fun and fill their day ahead with non-stop laughters! I definitely did have my own chunk of laughs the entire time, and i'm sure you would too.

To find out more on my experience with "Extreme Log Ride" and "Desperados", I have previously done a blog post on Sentosa 4D Magix which is now also known as Sentosa 4D Adventureland right HERE.

51B Imbiah Road, Sentosa
Singapore 099708
Tel: +65 6274 5355

Opening Hours
10am - 9pm
(last ticket sale, redemption and entry at 8.15pm)

Adult - $38.90
Child - $26.90

Unlimited entires on day of visit
Free entry for children below 3 years old
Sentosa Island admission and transport charges apply.

Be one of the FIRST to catch it!!

Till then.

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