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Onaka Resturant & Wine Bar


Sorry for the backdated post! But I've got an awesomely cool restaurant I would like to introduce to you guys! Firstly, thanks to William for the invite! I got an opportunity to try out Onaka's yummy and unique dishes! I have never heard of Onaka before, until that very evening.

These days, many people prefer organic food because it is a much healthier diet compared to many others. Those of you who love organic and all natural ingredients, would definitely have to give this restaurant a go! Take a step and give this new and special arrangement of diet a try. Instead of just going for organic food, why not try something which caters to your comfortable eating diet with a twist of cuisine in it? It's not just your normal average cuisine I would say. Aren't you curious to know more?

 What is Onaka? 

Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts
"Eat Consciously; Live Mindfully"

Started in 2008, Onaka's passion is to nature family and friends with the best. This new restaurant's speciality us Conscious Cuisine, which merges Asian culinary cultures and traditions with modern western influence using only wholesome and selective organic ingredients.

Onaka uses a realistic, sensible and pragmatic approach which inspires their customers to eat a balanced and moderate intake. Promoting Low Glycemic food using only whole grains, which adopts a "No White Bread, No White Rice and No White Sugar" policy.

Beverages Menu includes: Freshly squeezed pure juices, Superfood smoothies, Organic Coffee & Teas, Local & Imported Beers, Biodynamic and organic wines

Onaka also serves Family Brunch on weekends, with the menu catering to the Little Ones, Grannies, Ladies and Guys.

Little Ones:
- Mini Pancakes ($6)
- Scramble Eggs on Toast ($8)

- Organic Multigrain Porridge with 3 Condiments ($14)
- Fried Carrot Cake ($12)

- DETOX Salad with Organic Living Green Smoothie ($18)
- Egg Benedict ($18)

- Chicken Saugage & Egg Muffin ($18)
- Lamb "Murtabak" ($20)

Extra Services Onaka provides:
Excellent venue for corporate dinning and private events.
Office delivery and Catering services.

Onaka also do customize their menu/dishes to their customer preference. Though it doesn't happen often. The pricing would definitely be different (ranging from about $100 or more) as the dish is not stated in the menu. Before making a trip down, do give Onaka a call in advance to check with Onaka with what dish can be customised to your preference, and be amazed! (:

** Parking at ARC is FREE with a minimum purchase of $30 on weekday evenings and FREE parking on the weekends. **

 Onaka Chefs 

Chef Jason Vito

Chef Benson Tong

Check out what I had that night!
Let's start with Shooters and dips! (:

Asian Hummus.
You can dip it with Bread or Nachos.

Omega Soy Smoothies.
It's creamy, thick and just a glass it's enough to make you pretty full.
(Well, may be i'm a pretty small eater? HAHA!!)
Those of you who love soya milk, should give this smoothie a try! (:

Bread Basket.
This cute little looking buns are REALLY awesome! 
Without having to dip them into anything it already taste good and chewy.

The insides of the Bread Basket. 
Looking at the photos, it's making me really hungry and i'm craving for his nice hot yummy bun right now as I type. *drools*

The buddy, Zerika's definitely enjoying her bun!! 
She had 2 or i think more that night! 
She totally loved it, as much as me! 
Look at that happy, satisfied face! Hurhur :p

Alright!! Is your mouth watering yet? 
Let's move on to some yummy Appetizers now!! (:

Water Melon Sashimi.
Looking for something refreshing? 
This dish would definitely do the trick!
You would never have thought of having watermelon mixed with sashimi would you?
Well, you definitely have to give this awesome dish a try!
It would and it could amaze you, without you knowing.

Tofu Avo.
Healthy diet definitely have to include salad!
Well, this salad is refreshing and definitely the perfect choice as an appetizer.
It just keeps you craving for more!

You have cold Appetizers, but have you ever had HOT Appetizers?
Well, guess what's for smokin' for Onaka's Hot Appetizer.

Mushroom Tea.
This sure is one unique tea, I would say.
I've always thought of tea as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lipton and whatnots.
BUT, Mushrooms for tea?
This is definitely the first!!
Isn't this simply COOL?!!

My models for the night, showcasing the amazing Mushroom Tea (:

Model 1, Evalee.

Model 2, Zerika.

And where am I? 
I was busy indulging with food to take photos of myself! Haha!!
Next up!! Some main dishes, Noodles and Grains.

Roasted Mushroom Soba.
Mushroom lovers out there, this dish is not to be missed!!
It would fit in, just right for you! (:

Organic Pineapple Fried Rice with Quinoa.
This isn't like any other ordinary pineapple rice you have at thai restaurants.
It's hard to describe with words, you just have to give this dish a try.
This dish, won't disappoint you! (:

Hot and Sour Prawns Rice Noodles.
This is one of my favourite dish, in fact.
The prawns are really fresh!
The noodles are springy and QQ. Not to hard, not to soft. Just nice, just right!
And, the gravy or soup rather is simply WOW.
It feels thai, but it's not.
Hot and Sour, you must be thinking of Tom Yum right?
But it's not. It taste like Assam.
*slurp slurp slurp*

Besides flour, soup and vegetables. 
How could we miss out on Meat and Seafood?

Duck Pancake.
This is one fantastic pancake! (:
The duck meat is really tender and yummy.
Everything just blends in really well inside your mouth.
It's a satisfying taste indeed.

Pumpkin Seabass.
I really do enjoy this fish dish! 
There's a really interesting way of eating this dish!!
We had the honor of Chef Benson showing us how.
To find out, scroll down!! (:

Chef Benson teaching us the right way to eat this dish.

End Product. "ding ding ding ding"
It may not look that appetizing after all the mixing and mashing but it taste really good!
I'm not a fan of fish and usually i'll stay away from fish dishes BUT I pretty much love this fish dish! It's really yummy!! No lying.

48 Hour Beef.
Just as the title of this dish says.
This beef is cooked for 48 hours.
It's really tender and it pretty much melts in your mouth.
You don't have to chew that much to work those mouth muscles out. hehe
Beef lovers, you MUST NOT give this dish a miss!!

Finally!! It's Dessert time!! 
A little sweetness to end the awesome yet wonderful meals for the night.

Avo Choco Emotion with Cacao 7 Chocolate.
I like the design of this sweet dish.
It's really cute and i've got a dinosaur! *ROAR*
It taste like a mouse cake.
A very nice combination of avocado and chocolate! 

And yes. Finally, that's me! (:
Posing with my yummy dessert, i couldn't give a miss taking a photo with because it's SO cute!!
And.. followed by me and Zerika camwhoring away as usual and typical of us! Hahaha!

Lastly, a group photo before we end the night! (:

I had a very enjoyable evening spent at Onaka along with fellow bloggers.
The food was lovely and so was the staffs!
It was a lovely sweet experience at Onaka.
Thank you once again for the lovely evening! (:

Peace Out.
Photos taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR700.
*Group photos credit to William.

460 Alexandra Road, 
#01-32 PSA Building
Singapore 119963
Tel: 6270 2012
Email: hello@onakafoods.com

Nearest MRT
 Labrador Park

Operating Hours
Lunch (Last order): 2.30pm
Dinner (Last order): 9.30pm

Afternoon Tea
3pm - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday Brunch
10am - 5pm
Dinner: 6pm
Last order: 9.30pm

Monday - Sunday 
(Happy Hours Promotion)
3pm - 8pm

Till then.

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