Wednesday 9 October 2013

1gnite Endless Summer/Ncagen Runway; Swagging Round the Poolside.


W Hotel Singapore, Sentosa Cove celebrated their 1st Anniversary with 1gnite Your Sound - Endless Summer recently, featuring DJs Danny Fry, Marlon Tulaszewski, Mr. Has Sidik and Chris B. bringing you non-stop party music till 8pm!

We got into our allocated studio/waiting room upon reaching W Hotel by the shuttle bus from Vivocity (outside J Pot) and two plates of yummy sandwiches were sitting right at the table waiting for us! Majority of us haven't had our breakfast, so those sandwiches were really tempting! You can see from the photo who the hungry greedy ones were! Lol

Well, none of us had makeup on and thus the sunglasses never leaves our face! Haha!

Isn't the pool side beautiful?
It was really humid and HOT, like seriously H.O.T!! There and then, I had a really strong urge to jump and soak myself in that cool looking lovely pool!

Finally! It's time for briefing, so we'll know what to expect later during the runway show!
Here we are checking the runway location out, before doing a walk through.

Guess who?
That's Shona! I couldn't help myself but to snap a photo cause.. 
She was walking really cooly under the crazy hot sun, it felt like a commercial.

It's time for Makeup!
And here's my makeup for the show.

Here I am, getting my hair done! =)

Right. So, who and what are we modeling for?
None other then, Ncagen!

That's my outfit for the show, and i have to say..
I really LOVE the necklace from Rosso Prezioso (Italy) that's round my neck!
Stylish, Classy and Beautiful!! 

photo credit: W Hotel Singapore, Sentosa Cove

Models modeling for SKiN Resort Fashion (United Kingdom).
Most of them are mothers! And they are really hot mamas! =)

It was quite an experience all together once again, meeting new friends while catching up with "old" ones! It was great seeing the same familiar bunch of girls from Fashion in a City once again and having to do the runway together again! =)

Of course, because the crazy heat. How could we forget a little after party to celebrate an awesome wrap for the evening? It's time to PARTYYYYY~

We had a bottle of champagne for ourselves, thanks to W Hotel and Danlin for running around to get us drinks!

 photo credit: veronica

photo credit: veronica

Last but not least, I'll like to thank the ones who were always present for my every show (be it in theatre, photoshoots, filming or runway). Always supporting, encouraging and cheering me from the sidelines! (Well, the dad isn't in the photo cause he was the one snapping the photo! He couldn't take his hands off my camera. Haha) Love them both! 

That's to sum up my day at W Hotel with 1gnite Endless Summer!
And till the next fashion show!

Till then.

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