Tuesday 15 October 2013

What's in? It's #Dismerc13!!


What have I been up too..? That i've been blogging lesser these days! Dear ohh me has been getting a little busy recently with a couple of ongoing stuffs and one of them is a fashion shoot! I've missed freelancing so much and i'm so glad to be "back-in-action" every now and then!

Well, that isn't the best part of it all! Guess who else was at the shoot with me? Dang dang dang dang... It's none other then fashion vlogger, luinfaniel! =) Thanks to her, i got to be part of this amazing photoshoot with a really fun team of people! BIG thanks to the Dismerc team too! =)

To a pretty great start on a wet Saturday morning, which turned really hot and humid after the rain stopped. For a kick start, I just had to take a photo of luinfaniel's wide range of lipstick! I as a female/girl don't own that amount and variety of lipsticks! O.O

Well, knowing me.. if you guys have been following my posts (especially on Instagram). I'm an awesome photo spammer every once in awhile. Haha! I can spam photos like crazy and here's a photo of us inside our transport as we head off to our second location!

Here we are at our second location! Guess where?
Sorry, no prize will be given if you get it right though! ;)
(but read on.. cause i'm gonna tell you something really really awesome!)
Some behind-the-scenes shots.

Finally, our last and final location!
This is my first coming to this place and i really love this location the most!
Not because it's the final location.. but it's a really great place for photoshoots!
But then again, getting down from there when the sky starts to turn dark is pretty scary~

Setting up!!
Lights! Camera! Action!

Was having fun "photoshooting" with luinfaniel on our phone cameras while waiting.
Creating the 100 or may be 1000 or centuries back look. Pretty much enjoying how it actually turned out pretty "creepy".. like a vampire?


Dismerc is doing a giveaway for The RUNSGP T-shirt (White), just by following 5 simple steps below! All the best and may the odds be at your favour! =)

For MORE info, click on the link (Dismerc) above and also stay tune to the photoshoot photos coming soon on their facebook/website!!

I myself can't wait for the photos to be out too!
And with that sums up my amazing fashion shoot with luinfaniel, Rauzan, Daniel and the Dismerc team!

Have a great midweek peepo!! 

Till then.

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