Saturday 15 February 2014

Blissfully Sweet Valentine 2014


It's been awhile since I last blogged, and yes I do miss blogging but due to my busy work schedule I haven't quite had the time for anything else besides just wanting nothing but sleep, sleep and more sleep! Alright, maybe just a little wee bit of korean dramas and running man before bedtime! Hehehe. I seriously wonder what life would have been without it. They make really good stress relievers! (:

Back from side-tracking...

I've actually done up a short little post about my sweet valentine's date out with D on Dayre, if you have been following me on Dayre!

Anyway, Valentine's Day is finally here once again! 
A day to share the love be it for your other half, family or friends!
This year's valentine's day had a pretty unsatisfying kick start with me falling ill with a really bad cold, cough and fever. Followed by a few other stuffs that happened while I was away on MC.

A day where I was feeling pretty down though it's a day I've been looking forward since it hit the month of February! Haha.

Well, thanks to D for trying to cheer me up and making me feel all better.
I got the chance to experience this lovely place with him! Max love indeed!!

We did some googling to see if there's any romantic dining spot we could spent a few lovely hours together, when I chance upon this place. With what I felt like a really nice ambience and reasonable price. So, why not?

Here we are at Wheeler's Yard
It looks like slightly better looking renovated warehouse on the outside.
(I find this place really interesting in fact).

Let's fast forward a little into the interior for now.

Special menu just for Valentine's!
4 different sets to choose from this 3 course set meal.

What's special about this cafe?

Well, usually you get served upon getting seated.
But here at Wheeler's Yard, after getting seated you will need to head to the cashier counter to place your order and make payment before proceeding to collect your drinks and food.

Everything here is self service! (:

(love the deco at the cashier counter! romantic isn't it??)

After placing your order and making necessary payments, we were given this beeper!
To collect our food, drinks and dessert!

There was actually a choice of Red Velvet and Choco Carmel.
But we came a little too late and Choco Carmel was out.
Well, Red Velet's good too!
D totally loved it! And had my share too.

There goes my baby, happy with his coffee and Red Velet cupcake!

Our photo moments to make this day & place a memorable one! 

 Finally, after all the waiting.
Food is served!
We were pretty famished by then.

For starters,
Mushroom Soup!

Followed by the mains,

His: Rib Eye Steak

Hers: Pan Seared Salmon

After I was more or less done with dinner, and since it's valentine's day.
What every girl would love to receive…

I didn't get any that night.
And so, I started asking D.

Me: Darling, where are my flowers?
D: Here, for you!
Me: -.- 

The tables were sweetly decorated with rose petals, roses and candles.
Definitely a romantically setting to dine with your other half.
And, pretty handy if a guy didn't prepare any flowers either.

Anyway, after a hearty meal. It's time to take a little tour around place.
Everything about this place, just makes you feel a little like home.
With it's modern yet vintage style of settings and decor.
It's cozy yet comfortable.
I really love the decor of this place!

Check out our long table setting!
Bicycle's on the table!!

Bike helmets hung on the wall, as wall displays.

Parts of a bicycle.

Cozy corner!

Time to check the decor outside!

Well, you not only get to dine indoors (cafe) but you get to dine outside as well.
A cafe bike shop, where you get to dine as well as shop for bikes.
Pretty awesome idea!

I like how the whole place is being decorated and "well-used".

That's my boy getting playful 

With that, ends our little sweet valentine's dining session at Wheeler's Yard.
Definitely a lovely place!
The food isn't that bad for starters but maybe the next time round, it would be good to be back for some cakes, tea and coffee instead!

Totally, can't wait to bring daddy, my girls and homies here!
I found a new favorite hot spot to chill and dine! 
Even D likes the place too! 
It'll be nice to be back here again with D (:

There are still thousand and one things I wanna blog and share with you lovely people! From the latest awesome dramas which I try to keep up with to my quiet yet happy CNY to some really great offers! Please bare with me, while i'll try to find additional time to blog a little more often. I hope you guys have had a great Valentine's Day!

p/s: I totally love that valentine's day gift! 

Enjoy the weekends while it lasts.
x o x o.

Till then.

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