Monday 16 June 2014

BIOLEE Acnépris Range!


Thanks to Biolee, I have been appointed as one of their selected few bloggers to give their Acnépris range from Korea a try. We were the first few people who had the opportunity of being introduced to review this range of products in Singapore! 

Biolee products were more then just cosmetic products, as they were developed and started all from a father's love to his daughter. From studying and experimenting on just one component "Pine Pollen Extract", which is also acnépris main ingredient. It became a formulated product for treating acne problems of women ages 20s - 30s.

Pine Pollen Extract is known for being excellent antibiotics and anti-inflammatory effects against propioni bacterium acnes.

Due to our constant high demand of workload, there are times when we females are just too busy to maintain our skin properly. The Acnépris range of products came in handy and just at the right time. As stress has been the main reason for my breakouts due to the endless workload it brings. I got the opportunity to try it out and see if it really works after two weeks or more.

Introducing Biolee Acnépris Range.

120ml - S$35

Light and gentle to the skin.
After a long day of work or studying, there are times when we may have missed out certain areas of our skin while removing our makeup or sunscreen. And usually when that happens it makes our pores clogged with unnecessary dirt. With this, my skin always feels so much cleaner because it helps to deep cleanse my skin and removes any remains of makeup and sunscreen i've applied onto my skin during the day.

Usually after cleansing your skin, you can feel the difference almost instantly.
Your skin feels cleaner and lighter. 

My favourite cleanser ever since!

150ml - S$42

Gentle to the skin and gives your skin a refreshing feel.
Also thanks to control skin toner, my skin doesn't feel dehydrated.
In fact, it makes your skin feel more balanced, clean and fresh to start brand new day and before you head off for a good night's sleep!

I usually use it twice a day without fail.
Once in the morning and once at night.


After cleansing and before applying makeup onto my skin. I usually apply a layer of sunscreen every morning to help protect my skin from the harmful UV sun rays!

With ingredients like aloe-vera extract and hyaluronic acid, it helps to hydrate my skin and shield the harmful rays from my skin. It's non-oily and easy to apply. It also helps to keep my makeup intact throughout the day! (It's a plus point, I realize!)

Ohhh.. the vanity in me!


Gentle to the skin.
Has the same feeling like applying moisturizer onto your skin.
It has a refreshing and cool feel to it as well.

Not required to use it everyday, just once or twice a week.
Wash your face and have it dried before applying the gel onto your face and lips (avoiding your eyes). Massage the gel using your fingertips around your face and lastly rinse it with warm water.

And you'll realize your skin glows!
It makes your skin look healthier, brighter, tightens your pores and keeps your skin clear!

18ml - S$45

Non-oily, non-sticky and NO use of chemicals like salicylic acid, triclosan and bennzoyl peroxide.

I tend to use it at night, after toning and moisturizing my skin with Biolee's control skin toner.
Apply a small amount onto the affected (acne/pimple) area as excessive amount of use may cause trouble on sensitive skin.

It doesn't make my skin burn or dry like other pimple products. Instead, it helps to calm and reduce the redness of the irritated pimple/acne. Totally work wonders to my skin!

I'm definitely a happy consumer!

Thanks to Biolee once again for opening my eye to an awesome range, to help improve my skin condition slowly by the day! My skin tends to get dehydrated to the extend it sometimes starts peeling. And I rarely have the time to go for facial or apply masks to hydrate my skin. Using Biolee's Acnépris range, it has helped my skin a lot to keep it toned, balanced and much more hydrated compared to how it was previously.

"If you never try, you'll never know".

Biolee products can be found at selected stores below:

John Little Marina Square
John Little Plaza Singapura

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Good News to those of you who love online shopping!
You can purchase Biolee Products on their BIOLEE website too!

Till then.

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