Monday 22 October 2012

Supulae Korean BBQ

Just so one fine day, after starting out on my career for life. Dad and I had a dinner date and we decided to have Korean BBQ. We've been to Supulae for dinner once with bobo and bebi after bobo's wedding gown selection (where she decided to give us all a treat). Dad not being able to eat much that night, decided to head back to Supulae to have BBQ this time round and it was just the two of us! (:


Korean BBQ is something you wouldn't want to miss. I use to enjoy the korean food at Sarang (Orchard Central) and even made a friend there for being such a frequent regular customer but the standard isn't as good as when it first started. Thus, i began to look out for other places which could be smilier (or not) to Sarang and finally, found it!

The interior may not look all fantastic neither it is a huge restaurant, but the food is pretty good and so is their customer service.

 Beef Rib

 Look at that hungry face!! hehehe

 Bean paste soup!

 Steam Egg

The photos aren't fantastically nor professionally taken, neither do I have any idea how my photos turned out this tiny (taken from my S2), but looking at it and thinking about the sizzling meat on that grill, should be enough to make you drool. Wouldn't it?

This place is a little costly, but it's worth a try. Especially if you totally love Korean BBQ.

80 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088501


Till then.

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