Sunday 6 January 2013

[TWdrama] Lady Maid Maid 爱情女仆

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All in all, I have always loved watching dramas. From Jdramas, Kdramas, TWdramas to American dramas! But ever since I've started working, i haven't had much luxury to catch and follow up on dramas like i used to do in the past while being a student. 

I have taken a break off from kdramas at the moment. I'm sure there's thousand and one new awesome dramas being released so far. I haven't even managed to complete the ones i've started watching since last year! Partly, it's because i had to wait every single week for either an episode or 2 episodes to be uploaded. So, might as well let the the episodes be uploaded and drama completed before i start watching again with a peaceful state of mind. I can't take having to wait every week for an episode and thinking about what's gonna happen every now and then. I'm sure you drama crazy fans would know how that feels, don't you?

Well, I've been watching some TWdramas recently again and today i'm gonna introduce you to this new (not literally new), cute and comical TWdrama named "Lady Maid Maid" or 爱情女仆.

Lady Maid Maid (爱情女仆)
Mondays - Thursdays

Main Casts

Nicholas Teo as Gao Xiao-jie (高孝介) 
Reen Yu as Liu Shu-qi (劉舒琪) 
Janel Tsai as Hányǐngzhī (韓穎芝) 
Danny Liang as Xiàng lěi(向磊) 
Katherine Wang as Wei Jia-hui (魏佳慧)


This drama was aired right after Sweet Bodyguard was completed. It's gonna be another long drama with about 80 episodes or more all over again. Up-to-date, it's been airing up to episode 22.

So far, i've been pretty engrossed with the drama. I'm not quite a fan of long non-ending dramas as it gets bored after awhile. But it's been pretty alright so far up to 22 episodes. Though it's a comedy drama, it gets pretty lame at times. It doesn't make you laugh like crazy like how some Kdrama comedies would do.

Well, if i had to pick.. I would still prefer Kdramas to TWdramas. But no matter, every drama from each country has it's own version. They aren't every bad I would say. If you do enjoy watching long dramas, do catch Lady Maid Maid. It's light-hearted and cute!

Yet on certain parts, you feel like killing the main lead for being as ass! Well, that's pretty common. We always feel like killing the badass every now and then. Or at times the main lead for being so dumb! Yet we still always look forward to happy endings, don't we?

I'm curious to know if this drama would have a twist in plot after a couple more episodes or in the mist of it. Yet again, for those of you who never fail to give any dramas a miss could more of less predict where about the story plot or drama is leading too, right?

Well, I do hope this drama will stay as good as it is or if it gets even better.. all the more awesome it would be! Let's see how this drama goes.. shall we?

Till then.


  1. What's is about (besides the short blurb on dramawiki)? I like Nicholas Teo but don't know...

    1. hi LadySaotome!

      I've been watching this drama for awhile now. So far, it's pretty alright. but there's 80 over episodes, which could get a little too draggy in the middle. it's about two best friends since childhood who ends up falling in love and the obstacles they have to face.
      nicholas teo's a playboy in this drama.

      you could give it a try and see if you like it (:

  2. I might try watching it since I like Nicholas Teo. But no one seems to be subbing it so I'd have to watch it raw and wouldn't understand most of it. :(

  3. (Sorry for the new comment instead of hitting reply but there was a glitch and the reply link under your comment didn't show up until after I added a comment. Wierd!)

  4. Do you know where to watch this drama with english subtitle?

    1. Hi Crystal.

      At the moment, i haven't found any website with english subtitles for this show yet. (:

  5. this drama utterly sucks. it's the remake of oh my lady, and most tw dramas end up as a farse.

  6. Do u know what Lg phone model do they use in the drama?