Tuesday 4 December 2012

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice-Cream Food Review at Upper Thomson Road

Food Tasting Review
Ice-cream lover?

Sweet tooth?

Crazy over sweet desserts?

Well, have you tried U.d.d.e.r.s?

As all of you would have known, U.d.d.e.r.s is an ice-cream joint but now it has evolved into another dimension that's even better! Offering you awesome U.d.d.e.r.s fans or fans-to-be and ice-cream lovers a little more then what they already have! NOW besides ice-creams, U.d.d.e.r.s also offers main food dishes for you people who haven't had lunch/dinner before having something sweet for dessert! Not to worry if you are unable to finish your food. Even if you prefer something light, you can also order U.d.d.e.r.s side dishes which is really really good!

So here we are, together with Mr Style King and Zerika at Upper Thomson Road's U.d.d.e.r.s for food tasting! Situated in the heartlands of Thomson, this outlet is packed with youngsters especially weekends! It's a brightly lighted and awesome chill out place if you guys need a new place to hang.

U.d.d.e.r.s is an awesome place to chill out and bond with your love one, family and friends! It can be a place fit for all occasion as well! Besides that, there's a given kind of happiness and energy once you've stepped foot inside. Check out the photos below and see for yourself OR you could drop by to any one of the U.d.d.e.r.s outlets and experience it for yourself as well.

Here are the two side dishes recommended by Esther. The Udders French Fries and The Udders Shroom which is my absolute favourite! I don't mean to be bias though, cause simply just love mushrooms more the fries!!

 The Udder Shroom

The Udder Fries

You must be wondering, what's so good about it? It's just fries and mushroom. So what's the big deal? I can do it at home too! Well, of course you can try doing the same exact thing back home BUT the taste would be different wouldn't it? The Udder's Shroom is one side dish you MUST NOT miss. Looking at it, it reminds you of Soup Spoon's breaded mushroom doesn't it? Well, the Shroom is slightly different. As you dip it in mayonnaise, and bite into the juicy mushroom it feels like heaven. You need to try it, in order to feel it. It's also a recommended item on the menu.

As you can see, U.d.d.e.r.s has came out with their own menu. Why did I say it's their own? Looking at the menu, does it not remind you of Strictly Pancakes? Well, they make look similar but NO they are different. The dishes on this menu is carefully tested out and personally cooked by the creator herself. From the taste of each dishes to the mix and match of the sides onto each pancake dish. How unique and special can this be? Read on more to find out what awesome dishes from the menu is being recommended to us for food tasting! Feeling hungry yet?

Here goes..

The B-budder Chicken.

that's me with The B-budder Chicken dish!
well, i only managed to snap with one dish cause i was flamished!

This dish has a very light chewy taste! Firstly, the chicken looks like popcorn chicken doesn't it? It's NOT! It's actually buttered chicken and it's really tender. Totally keeps you craving for more! As I was still recovering from a bad cough, I wasn't able to eat much of it. Having it dipped into Udder's special white sauce.. it's simply.. DELICIOUS!! 

The Udder Beef.

This dish is one of my favourite dish! The beef.. ohhhh~ It totally melts in your mouth! I've always been a beef lover and this is one tender beef patty!!! Kids will definitely love this as well! Having it dipped in the mushroom sauce that's provided it's definitely a heavenly taste! This is one dish you MUST NOT miss out on! Everything about this dish just fits perfectly. The beef isn't too salty either. Everything from taste to having the dished prepared and cooked is just perfect! 

Since Zerika and Mr Style King doesn't quite eat beef, I had the rest of the remaining share of beef to myself! Yum yum yum! It felt so good! If ever you guys were to meet Zerika, you have to ask her about that expression that's smacked right onto my face as I munch the tender beef patty and swallow them safely into my stomach! It's PRICELESS!

The Udder Chick.

As this is another chicken dish, I wasn't able to eat much again. In order to refrain from coughing which I still coughed so bad that the kind Udder staffs brought me warm water to ease the uneasy itchiness. Anyway, this is also another recommended dish which is also another MUST TRY dish! This grilled chicken is just as tender as the other two dishes. What's amazing is the special mustard sauce that's being used along with this dish! Though it's mustard, it has got a very light mustard taste which does not linger so strongly on your taste buds.

The grilled chicken has a honey liked taste on the skin. So, I guess the grilled chicken is honey coated. Because of the sweet taste, it makes you crave for more. Bites after bites and it's just not enough! You can carry on munching it for hours! Alright, i'm kidding. But it gives off that same feeling if you get what I mean. Well, if you don't? Then, you will need to head down to the nearest outlet near you and try it!

All in all, these 3 dishes if you actually realize has got pancakes on them! Well, as you can also tell from the photos this pancakes aren't like Strictly Pancakes pancakes that are thick. These Udders pancakes are very smooth. What's best about these pancakes are.. they are much smaller in size. Which makes eating much pleasant. At times, when you have too much pancakes within a dish it makes you feel sick. This cute little pancakes are just nice to fit into your stomach, make you bloated and full yet it doesn't make you feel sick at all.

Next up, after nice awesome main dishes for dinner you'll need desserts and your meal for the night would seem perfect wouldn't it?

Sheery Vanilla & Chocoholic Sundaes.

 Chocoholic Sundae

 the one on the left: Sherry Vanilla Sundae

YUMMY!! Just looking at those sundaes photos don't they make you crave for a scoop ice-cream already? Or you might just want to eat right from the photos itself? These Sundaes are in really tall glasses! I apologize, I'm unable to eat them cause I was really sick that day and by then I was coughing really bad! But I will head back down to Udders one day and try it for sure! Giving this sundae's a miss is a BIG HUGE mistake! Just looking at the photos alone, makes me want to gobble them down! But from reviews from both Mr Style King and Zerika when we met up, it was one word "A.W.E.S.O.M.E"!!

Then again, another guilty apology! I had to leave early as well, thus I wasn't able to complete the whole food tasting. But I would like to sincerely thank Esther for the lovely food tasting dishes recommended at U.d.d.e.r.s while I was there! And also, thanks to Mr Style King and Zerika for tagging me along as well! Love you guys! xoxo <3

too bad I left early and wasn't able to join in the fun with decorating!

Check their blogs out:
Mr Style King - http://mrstyleking.com

 Upper Thomson Outlet 
246D Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370
Tel: 64520803 
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 12 noon to 1am
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 2am 
*last order for pancakes and waffles*
Monday to Thursday: 12.30am
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and eve of PH: 1.30am 

 Serangoon Garden Outlet 
#01-11, MyVillage Mall, 1 Maju Ave
Singapore 556679
Tel/Fax: 66345839 
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight 
*last order for waffles is 30 mins before closing*

 Siglap Outlet 
87 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455223
Tel / Fax: 64488732 
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 1am! 
*last order for waffles is 30 mins before closing*

 Novena Outlet 
155 Thomson Road
Singapore 307608
Tel/Fax: 62546629 
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight 
*last order for waffles is 30 mins before closing*

 Kilat Outlet 
17 Lorong Kilat, #01-08 Kilat Court
Singapore 598139
Telephone: 64661055
Fax: 64665707 
Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight 
*last order for waffles is 30 mins before closing*

 Tampines Outlet 
B1-K16 (next to Famous Amos)
Tampines Mall
Tel/Fax: 67852293 
Opening hours:
8am to 10pm daily

Till then.

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