Friday 23 November 2012

Have you heard of P.Osh?

Do you crave for sweet desserts? Are you a lover of sweets? Or do you have sweet tooth, just like I do?  Are you a brownie or cheesecake lover? Well, if it's YES for all then you must not miss out on this!

 Have you heard of P.Osh? 
Well, if you haven't. Here's a little inside to what P.Osh is and offers.

P.Osh Mini Story 

Brownie movement. Cookie revolution.

This IS the revolution of the cookie and brownie industry.

We started out as two thumb twiddling teenagers with nothing much to do. But there was one thing we loved. Eating. Especially brownies and cookies. So we spent much time and money surfing Singapore, tasting brownies from different restaurants and outlets.

Fact, most of the brownies tasted mysteriously and oddly similar. But, of course! They studied at same classes and probably used the same textbook recipes too. It became boring, other than the occasional refreshing anomaly of a brownie with a burnt base, or micro waved till a dry brown fried mass was left, or smelling like a flower from vanilla over-dosage. Necessity is the mother of invention, and we cannot emphasise enough how necessary it was to taste something better.

Scouring and testing all sorts of documented brownie and cookie recipes, we found that none of them really worked. The only way left was to explore the best recipes we could find. Through all the experimentation, we got acquainted with how cookies and brownies behaved according to their compositions. It was just a matter of time.

We now have a modest range of cookies and brownies, each of them tweaked to a unique consistent perfection. It’s not just a food, it’s an experience. We had the hope of enjoying exquisite brownies and cookies. Now, we share this fantasy with you. It’s not just an experience, it’s a dream.

P.Osh Brownies 

 Chewy Brownie

 Premium Brownie (With Walnuts)

Chewy Brownie with Toppings

*sorry! no cheesecake photos available*
but you may check their range of flavors offered on their website! (:

What makes P.Osh different from the usual dessert cafes and shops? Aren't you curious to know why?
Besides offering such delicious brownies and cheesecakes (by the way, they have cookies too! chocolate chip, double chocolate and walnut). The BEST part of P.Osh is they offer customers a choice to be different. P.Osh provides customized brownies. What's that? You must be wondering right? And what's so special about a customized brownie? Well, i'll try and pop those questions out with answers.

P.Osh Customized Brownies

As you can tell from the photos, they look different from the normal brownies from above right? These are customized brownies where P.Osh Brownie Stylist would have them designed for you either based on your preference or you may leave it to P.Osh awesome and creative brownie stylist to have them done. You can definitely put your mind at ease and leave it to the professionals! (: 

Anyway, Christmas is round the corner? A nutty time to brainstorm to get gifts/presents and whatnots for your awesome friends and love ones. How about a little something different this year? 

P.Osh Christmas Collection is out for sale!
You may start making your pre-orders at any one of their outlets or email them to pre-order.

P.Osh Christmas Collection (Set of 5 Brownies)

 P.Osh Christmas Fruitcake
(ONLY on sale during Christmas)

P.Osh is located at 2 areas! So drop by to the one nearest to you and indulge in some yummy desserts!

Dhoby Ghaut
11 Orchard Road
Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
Opening Hours: 12 noon - 9pm

1011 Upper Serangoon Road
The Old House
Opening Hours: 12 noon - 10pm
Dine-in Available
**CLOSED on Sundays for BOTH outlets**

For more info, you may check out P.Osh website at
Follow them on Twitter @poshshopllp
Join their Facebook revolution fan page @

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