Saturday 8 December 2012

Aura Tout Vu French Couture Closing Party

I'm glad I didn't give this awesome party a miss! Well.. for many reasons! (As you browse through the photos, I'm sure you will be able to know why). I was hesitating whether to attend, since I've work pretty early the following day and I didn't want to head to work looking like a dead zombie yet at the same time I didn't want to miss out on such an "atas" party either. It's just the name of it that sounds so tempting! Won't you agree with me?

I'll keep this post short, cause photos alone is enough to speak for itself. Have fun and enjoy browsing through the photos! I totally love sharing my fun, enjoyment and whatnots with people! >.-

Anyway, I met up with my buddy Zerika and Mr Style King before heading down together for Aura Tout Vu closing party held at Marina Bay Sands, Pavilion. It was a night of booze and awesome "clubbing" music I would say. But of course, upon stepping in. We saw a couple of fellow bloggers! Besides them, I met some media friends like Jed (his face is in the photos below too! haha) and Derrick Siu (this is the first time I'm formally meeting him though! And it's nice meeting him too)!

Alright, I'll let the photos speck for themselves. You can check out how much fun we had at the party.

having fun with TZ's rocker cap!
*i've no idea what it's called*

DJ Andrew T

Most of you will know him don't you? He's no other then DJ Andrew T from Butter Factory! He's here at Aura Tout Vu spinning his awesome R&B remixes of songs! If you have not heard his remixes before, you can make a trip down to Butter Factory whenever you get the chance too. His songs are really awesome! Just makes you wanna groove to the beat and rhythm.

Not long after and sadly, the party came to a hault. We were pretty disappointed cause Zerika, Mr Style King and I came just an hour ago! The fun had just started and it ended that quick due to some "uninvited" guests visitation. The "clubbing" lights went off and white lights came on. The speakers were off and so the party had to stop.

Since the party was pretty much "forced" to stop and we haven't had enough. What's next? Of course, it's to have our own fun isn't it? We manage to stop DJ Andrew before he left to take some photos. He's sooooooooooo nice! (:

zerika & I with DJ Andrew

Since the party has ended, and we didn't wanna leave that soon PLUS the DJ console was left all alone. How could we resist NOT making full use of it since it's like the only chance we might ever have in this life to have fun with the DJ console right? Each one of us had our turn to spin. It was so much fun snapping away until the security came and literally chased us out.

Even after getting chased out, we still couldn't stop snapping away! Plus, it's a closing party! We definitely had to have some fun with our "props". Zerika and I even had lovely fresh flowers as props!

This was taken at mini photobooth! And they have such cute awesome props for us to make merry and have fun posing away! The photobooth was awesomely fun! What's best? The lovely people there actually printed additional so each one of us could have a copy to keep! Aren't they sweet?

It was definitely a fun night enjoying and having fun with the other bloggers as well as getting to know some awesome people too! If only the party could've lasted way longer, it would've been a blast! Ohh well, sometimes shit happens right? At times like this, all we got to do is to just make the best of what we have right then. AND i'm sure you can tell, we definitely did! (:

Till then.

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