Monday 3 December 2012

Smooch @ Attica

Clarke Quey.

I'm sure many of you would've heard of Clarke Quey! It's one of Singapore's hottest night spot with restaurants, pubs and clubs to keep you well-entertained until the wee hours onto the following morning!

Zerika and I were invited to Tripled Edged Project's Smooch at Attica Two thanks to Poach Mag. Besides being on guest list, I won a bottle of vodka too! Of course, you have to claim it right?

Since both of us were on guest list, we each could bring along a plus 1. And we invited Mag and Cookie along to join in the fun! Besides, Smooch event it was also ladies night. And thanks to Smooch event, first 200 ladies would be able to get a door gift from Maybelline (Lipstick).

while mag was using the washroom.
the place best for girls to camwhore!

having fun, enjoying ladies night with our drinks & lollipop!!

 didn't expect Maybelline's lipstick was THIS red!! Was giving it a try. hehe
but thanks Maybelline! (:

i have NO idea what I was doing.
and NO, I wasn't high or drunk either.

It started raining heavily, after we got in for awhile. And for once, I saw Attica's courtyard flooded with the rain. Due to the heavy rain, we got stuck at Attica One and so why not just enjoy ladies night first? After having fun downstairs, the flood managed to cease a little. We then made our way upstairs to claim our bottle as well and enjoy.. Smooch? haha.

our crazy fun moments!

our bottle for the night. it's huuuuuggeeeeeee..!!

It was definitely an awesome night. But because it's on a wednesday and we all had to work the next day, we left BY RIGHT.. pretty early. It was sure a long day but thanks again Cookie and Mag for having fun together with us that night!

OK. So here, it is.

SO, if you're gonna party till the next morning all drunk and wasted. Please refrain from driving.
ALSO, another thing to take note off. Please look after important items like your wallet, money, credit cards, handphones etc. Keep them safe with you.

AND lastly,
Have FUN, let LOOSE and just ENJOY your night!!
p/s: well, I know we did! >.-

Check out the party girls who had fun along with me:
is open daily

3A River Valley Road
#01-03 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
Call +65 6333 9973 OR for reservations.

Till then.

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