Sunday 6 January 2013

LollyTalk: Singapore's Handmade Rock Candy

Fan of Candies?

Love sweets?

Got a sweet tooth?

I'm a Candy lover, are you too?

You must be wondering, why LollyTalk aren't you?
Let's find out more about them together, shall we?


The next upcoming BIG hit in Singapore

photo credit: LollyTalk

We are a homegrown candy maker from Singapore that makes our own rock candies fresh from scratch as all our candies are handmade. We make a variety of flavours including Queensland’s renowned banana and watermelon, as well as sarsi and root beer. At LollyTalk, we are committed to making the best tasting quality candies and hence we are constantly on the lookout for new flavours to improve the taste of our candies. In addition, our candies can be customised for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays

Perhaps unknown to many, handmade rock candies originated from Australia and the birth of LollyTalk in 2010 pays tribute to that. That year we headed Down Under to learn the art of candy-making from the Aussies themselves. We secured an apprenticeship with Ross and Judy, who were the undisputed leaders in candy-making in Queensland. The couple won the title Grand Champion Rock Candy as well as multiple awards at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Australia’s premium fine food event that is held annually to give recognition to outstanding producers in the Australian fine food industry, including all its major candy and dessert makers. Being the Grand Champion of rock candy, Ross and Judy were awarded the gold medal for their fruit rock mix, silver medal for lollypops and bronze medal for design candy. 

photo credit: LollyTalk

Under our masters’ guidance, we picked up the finer points in making authentic Aussie rock candies that taste and look good. More importantly, we learnt to have fun and enjoy the whole process of candy-making. And it was this unique candy-making skill and experience that we brought back to set up shop in Singapore, which differentiates LollyTalk from other mainstream candy makers in the market. 

photo credit: LollyTalk

As part of LollyTalk’s Korean- inspired packaging, we created a fantasy island, Candy Island, where our two mascots Rocky and Candy live and make candies. Designed by a renowned Art Director.

LollyTalk also believes in giving back to the community, and thus has been involved in a number of social work with organisations such as the Yellow Ribbon Project in Singapore (where we worked with girls from Raffles Girls’ Secondary), and orphanages in Thailand and Myanmar. 

While our shop in Plaza Singapura is new, we have in fact been working with different personalities – including designers, artists and musicians – in the creative industry for a while now. LollyTalk has sponsored candies at various events in 2012, including the official opening of the local label WSDM at Millenia Walk, local designer rêvasseur’s launch of the National Day fashion piece, as well as the Singapore International Salsa Festival. LollyTalk has also supplied local Intune Music School with candies for its school projects, while we collaborated with Singapore singer-songwriter, Bevlyn Khoo, in an MTV for her upcoming album to be launched soon. 


After finding out a little more about LollyTalk, impressive isn't it?
Being impressive, wouldn't you be curious to give it a try yourself?

Read on and find out what I think about LollyTalk! >.-


LollyTalk was officially opened/launched on the 4th of January 2013, which was also the day I left for my 3D2N cruise with the family. Boohoo. But it's alright! Since I happened to be around Plaza Singapura last evening for dinner, I decided to pop by and take a little peek into the newly opened LollyTalk outlet.

The founder and staffs of LollyTalk are really friendly! So, don't have to be afraid! BIG smile and take your first step into LollyTalk to see what they have to offer! It's like taking a step into little candy island for a short adventure! How cool is that?

there's a flat screen television that shows you how these rock candies are being made.
dad and i got engrossed watching it.
REALLY interesting!!

LollyTalk's Candy Island Mascots.
Meet Rocky.


Bottle Packaging, Single fruit Flavour
200G for $7.30

Ziplock Packaging, Standard Flavour 
70G for $4.30

photo credit: LollyTalk
Box of Fruit Rock Mix
150G for $8.30

check out LollyTalk's sweet lovely packaging
bottles, zip locks, boxes, paperbags etc.

photo credit: LollyTalk
wide range of candies offered.
lollipops, range of flavours, customised candies

that's the dad while sampling LollyTalk's candies.
like a kid (:

**NOTE: you don't need to be a kid, in order to enjoy LollyTalk's rock candies. it's for people of all ages & all woks of life! **

Bought 2 yummy flavors:
Sarsi for myself & Stawberry for K.

Did you guys enjoy my little peek into LollyTalk?

Head on down to LollyTalk Outlet at Plaza Singapura and get to sample some awesome flavoured  yummy hardmade rock candies. 

Definitely enough to have you craving for more!

68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Do check out LollyTalk's Facebook Page for Updates or Visit their website!

Till then.

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