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Special & Memorable Day filled with Sweetness ♥

Hi Guys!

It's been awhile since i last blogged, did you miss me? Well, i'm back blogging again after going on hiatus for a month (being busy with work). This is going to be a pretty long post, please bare with me alright? But i'll be introducing a couple of really nice and fun places i have been for the day! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So 12 May 2013 marks a very special day for me! Besides it being a very same day of my beloved Pastor's birthday and Mother's Day, it was also me and D's 7th Year Anniversary! Isn't it an amazing and unforgettable day to really celebrate? To me, this day is a very important  and special date/day. Having walked together hand in hand with D all these while till now. The fights, the heartbreak, the breakups and there we are here once again not giving up on each other and made it this far. Yes, i'm so proud of it that i just have to flaunt it! (:

Alright! since it's a really special day, let's journey along and find out what I have been up too celebrating Mother's Day and my anniversary, shall we?

First of first, before starting the day out. 12 May happens to fall on a Sunday, so of course we attended church service first before carrying out any other activities for the day. After service ended, i have been cracking my brains to think of nice eateries to bring mummy to have a nice Mother's Day dinner and suddenly thought of Majestic Bay Restaurant at Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome. Mum has been wanting to give that place a try and since it's Mother's Day and it's gonna be my treat, why not?

Upon reaching Majestic Bay, we wanted to make a reservation for dinner but was told the place is full from 7pm onwards thus if we wanted dinner, we might have to start there and then. And since we haven't had lunch and we were all pretty famished, we decided and go ahead and have a early dinner.

We were pretty much the first customers walking in for dinner then. The place looks pretty ok, definitely one look and it gives you the, "it's a chinese restaurant" kinda feel. 

The captain came over to take our orders and the dishes which she recommended us were basically seafood (because seafood usually costs more). Initially, we wanted to order fish but they only sell it in whole which is way too huge for 4 of us to finish and we gave it a pass. Prawns, mom can't too much and after recovering from stomach flu a couple of days ago, i wanted to stay off prawns too and so we gave it a pass again. Little did we know, the captain started to have a change of attitude on us.

Here was what happen during dinner. A very disappointing experience we face that evening at Majestic Bay.

1) Ice water doesn't come in glasses, they only sell mineral water by bottles.
2) Warm water doesn't come in glasses as well, they sell it by pots.

And so, we ended up ordering herbal tea (Luo Han Guo) since the weather's been pretty bad recently. Some cooling drinks would do good. So happen, D said it was bitter and we tried asking for sugar. But the Captain gave a face saying the herbal tea doesn't require sugar it is meant to drink this way. We asked for melted sugar, she came back replying they do not have that. But our drink is cold, how in the world are we going to melt the sugar? Then it's that question: "Who's the customer and who's the one paying right now?". First turnoff for the evening.

We were pretty disappointed with this dish, sadly.
It's beef, yes we understand it can't be too well-done or else the beef would be tough. But when we ate it, the beef was cold. We called the captain over and a little dispute took place. The captain commented that the plate's warm and if they were to make it hot again, the beef would be too well-done. Well, we could only assume that the beef wasn't freshly cooked. It was already ready cooked and they placed it into the microwave to heat it up but sadly only the plate was heated and not the beef. Well, i regretted not asking her to try the beef out herself to check if it's cold. I have always loved meat, especially beef but this dish is really a disappointment. Again, another turnoff with the same previous question: "Who's the customer??".

Next, really bad manners.

Before we could finish eating, as long as our plates or bowls were empty the staff would walk-by our table and clear our plates/bowls. Some wouldn't even ask if we were done and simply stick their arms over to clear our plates/bowls. Next question: "We are not done eating!! Are you chasing your customer out?". Really major turnoff.

Overall, i have to admit the food really wasn't that bad (besides the beef). It was good but the service given to us that evening was really a big major huge disappointment. Even though the food is good, we wouldn't step back to Majestic Bay again after such experience. It pretty much ruined our mood for the evening.

Well, at least mum didn't take it too heart. Sorry for the unpleasant dinner experience! )':

After dinner, we took a walk around Gardens by the Bay and took some photos!

Apologies for the messy hair and.. (argh!! pimple!!).
don't mind it, ok?

I have always wanted to stop by Indochine Supertree to have a look. I've seen friends of mine, talking about their rooftop bar and have been wanting to give it a try myself. And so, i finally got my chance to experience it myself with Mum, Dad and D. Well, i would say it was the best night i could ever have. It felt like we were on a double date. Spending the time with my parents and celebrating Mother's Day while at the same time, celebrating me and D's 7th year anniversary! In this lovely atmosphere together, chilling and drinking. To me, it felt pretty romantic and definitely i felt really blissful like a princess! (: 

Without further ado, besides enjoying myself i snapped quite a number of photos too! So, let's check out Indochine super tree Rooftop bar, shall we?

I am definitely coming back here again! And i'm definitely bringing my friends along the next time round. Cause i simply love the atmosphere, just chilling and talking makes you feel really good and relaxed!! This awesome chill out place will be definitely be added onto my list of favourite places to chill! 

Indochine Supertree Rooftop Bar
$18++ (inclusive of 1 drink)
till 10pm
** payment has to be made before going up! **

Before we ended our night, we decided to head for dessert!! Another place i have been whining every now and then because i've been wanting to give it a try was Nook - DIY House of Pancakes! Well, i like the fact that you are able to DIY your own pancake and it seems fun and interesting! D finally brought me there for dessert! Hurhur.

For our first try, i guess we aren't that bad afterall. I had heaps of fun playing with the pancake batter.

My favourite!! ♥
♥ Earl Grey Lavender Tea ♥

Totally LOVE YOU.
Mum, Dad & D ♥

enjoyed being pampered ♥

I tried drawing D! 
This is how my baby looks like on pancake!

Dad getting all serious making eyes for our octopus.

Check out our alienated octopus!
Made by dad, D & me! ♥

We had a pretty fun experience at Nook that night! Of course, we pretty much burned a number of our pancakes but it still tasted pretty good! Haha! If you have not given Nook a try, i think you should one of these days! I'm definitely sure you would enjoy yourself with your family and friends! It's a pretty good bonding session too! >.-

Price Ranges: (Estimated) $25 - $28

Besides having to DIY your own pancakes,
Nook do have a menu for you to pick and let the chefs cook them for you, especially if you don't quite feel like cooking your own!

 Nook - DIY House of Pancakes 

Located at: Bukit Timah, 
21 Lorong kilat #01-03
Singapore 598123

Operating Hours:
Tue - Fri: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

You may check them out at their website HERE

Facebook Page: HERE

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I totally enjoyed myself! ♥
It was a simple and lovely sweet day spent with my love ones!
Before I officially end my post for the day,
I am thankful and grateful to God for placing my Mom, Dad & D into my life!

to many more to come!!
Let's walk towards our future hand in hand and into our next phrase together.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Photos taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR700.

Aren't the photos amazing?
I'm totally loving the effects of how and what this camera is able to do!
It makes my photos vibrant and beautiful with just simple settings.
Even the night view looks beautiful with just a change of settings.
The more i got to play around with it, the more i'm falling in love with it!
Well, pictures speak a thousand words don't they?
These photos were taken with the Casio Exilim EX-ZR700! 
Not edited and without any form of filters!
How could you not love this camera, right?

P/S: Comment below and share with me your very own Mother's Day experience! >.-

Till then.

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