Thursday 13 June 2013

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant


It's been a while since i've been craving for some korean food especially after watching "Running Man", "Barefoot Friends" and my recently watched korean dramas totally just tempt me in the middle of the night craving for korean food!

D knows i've always loved korean cuisine, but i doubt he knew i was pretty much craving for some then! He happened to find out about this Korean BBQ restaurant from a colleague of his and brought me to give it a try! From what he heard, it's really good. My brain was going through images of food right then, enough to make me drool as i think about the variety of korean dishes i could and want to eat! With all these factors considered into with addition to my cravings, WHY NOT? And so, that was the start of our random saturday dinner date at East Coast Park. 

D checking the menu out, while deciding on what to order.

For BBQ, you are required to other at least 2 meat dishes.
I love pork and D wasn't up for beef, and so we ordered 2 pork meat, but prepared differently! Or rather, from different parts of the pig. Haha!

 Kimchi Soup.

Side Dishes.

Thin Sliced Pork Belly.

It's an all time favourite dish whenever i head to any BBQ or steamboat eateries! Thinly sliced pork is usually easier to eat and tastier because of the amount of fat layers.

Sliced Pork Meat.

This marinated pork slice is really good and tender after BBQ-ing! It was actually recommended by the staff of Ju Shin Jung. Having said that, it's a good recommendation. Without having to dip it into any form of sauces or having to compliment it with anything else, it already taste just as good on it's own!

Wraps!! How could you give it a miss whenever you are having Korean BBQ! Mine's really small cause there's only meat, kimchi and the chilli like bean paste sauce! I can't image the wrap to get any bigger, since i already have difficulty fitting it whole into my mouth. Haha! Nom Nom Nom~

I've always watched in korean dramas, korean variety shows how they would usually eat these green chilli raw. And so, being the curious person that i am, i gave it a try! At the beginning, it wasn't that spicy until you hit the centre parts with all the seeds it in, that's when the chilli starts to get really spicy.

But i found something out too, eating these raw chilli with the BBQ meat taste pretty good too! Haha! Well, for us singaporeans what wouldn't taste good with chilli right?

Then, it was time for dessert after a full and satisfying meal. I loved how the watermelons were shaped into hearts. It's so CUTE!! Don't you agree? Well, i've always loved heart shapes anyway. Haha!

Besides cute little heart-shaped watermelon, we were also given a cup each of cold Korean Cinnamon Tea. It's really sweet with a mild taste of ginger. A pretty good tea to take after a full meal to help ward off whatever taste or smell of after eating.

Photos taken with Casio Exilim EX-ZR700.

For those of you who enjoy Korean Cuisine or is looking for a place to have nice good Korean BBQ, this is one restaurant I would definitely recommend. I wouldn't say it's relatively cheap but for the amount of food you'll be eating, which is more then enough to satisfy your hunger and greediness and the quality of the food, the pricing isn't too bad. An estimated price per pax would be around $30 - $40. It's reasonable, isn't it? (:

1018 East Coast Pkwy, #02-01
Singapore, Singapore 449877
Tel: 6447 9279

Till then.

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