Monday 10 June 2013

Lee Soon Shin is the Best


It's been a while since i did a korean drama review. Since I've found a couple of really nice korean drama recently which i'm currently watching, i would like to introduce and share them with you guys who, like me are total korean drama addicts! (:

Well, i've been watching this drama recently along side "Gu Family Book" (will do a blog review about it soon!). Introducing to you, a new 2013 korean drama that's cute, lovable yet enough to make you tear from sadness.

 Lee Soon Shin is the Best 
 You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin 
 최고다 이순신 

50 Episodes
Family, Comedy, Romance
Currently Airing
Saturday & Sundays

 The Casts 


Kim Jung-ae (Go Doo-shim) raised Lee Soon-shin (IU) with love as her own daughter when she was left at their doorstep as a baby. But upon the death of her husband, she discovers that Soon-shin's real mother is the famous actress Song Mi-ryung (Lee Mi-sook). As Mi-ryung reflects on her fame while watching Soon-shin growing up from afar, Soon-shin herself becomes confused and has inner conflicts between the mother who gave birth to her and the mother who raised her. Eventually, the three women will reconcile and become a "real" family in the midst of their pain and growth.

Meanwhile, Soon-shin and her two older sisters represent the realities that women in their 20s and 30s face in Korea. Soon-shin is a member of the "880,000 won generation," or college graduates who can't find a job and instead work in low-payingtemp jobs. But she attracts the notice of Shin Joon-ho (Jo Jung-suk), head of a talent agency. Over-confident and arrogant, Joon-ho is determined to transform her into a star. But while watching Soon-shin do everything to realize her dream of becoming an actress, Joon-ho looks back on his career and finds himself changing as he discovers the true meaning of success. They bicker and fall in love with each other.

Middle daughter Lee Yoo-shin (Yoo In-na) has lived next door to Park Chan-woo (Go Joo-won) since childhood. Despite their constant squabbles, Chan-woo (now a dermatologist) still loves her confidence and prickly demeanor. Yoo-shin delays thinking about marriage and childbirth, instead prioritizing success at work. But when Joon-ho's younger sister Shin Yi-jung (Bae Green) develops a crush on Chan-woo, it makes Yoo-shin realize her true feelings for him.

Eldest daughter Lee Hye-shin (Son Tae-young) is beautiful and competent, but feels like a failure when her marriage ends. As a divorced single mother, she has difficulties re-entering the workforce. She later meets Seo Jin-wook (Jung Woo), a neighborhood baker who shows her consideration and gentleness, helping heal her wounds.

After the sudden death of their father, the three sisters each grow as individuals through enduring hardships as a family. They come to realize that the most precious things in life can be found within oneself, and happiness is a blessing that comes to the courageous few who have high self-esteem and take charge of their own lives. Being poor is okay, not being first is okay, and not being in the spotlight is okay. It's okay to be happy with just the way you are

Have been watching this drama recently and i'm slowly starting to love it. The beginning was a little draggy and i got a little bored watching it. I actually skipped some parts cause it got a little dry with too much dialogue, and usually skipped to IU and jung suk parts cause it's pretty cute and hilarious watching them both together. But i'm glad despite that moment of dullness, i continued watching and slowly it's starting to get juicer in the following episodes. I love how it's developing so far and i'm actually looking forward to the next episode every weekend. Currently, it's been updated till episode 28 which thus i can't wait for the next episode to be out in the coming weekend!

I wouldn't say it's a really bad drama, but i would say there's actually something to learn from in this drama revolving around families and how with a house filled with ladies, cope with obstacles they face one after another. How standing strong together as a family means so much more whether you have the same blood flowing inside you or not. It's meaningful to a certain degree. The actors and actress in this drama are pretty good as well, they totally draw me into the drama with their acting skills. Watching them act, i could actually feel the emotions as well. It's like a kind of telepathy feeling, where you feel they way they are feeling. *thumbs up* Thus i would recommend this drama to those of you who are korean drama addicts, like i am. I'm sure you would enjoy watching this drama! So, before casting it aside from watching at the beginning, do carry on and i'm sure this drama wouldn't fail you. As of yet, i'm unsure as to how the ending would turn out since it's just half way through the whole series. But i'm definitely hoping for a happy ending for this family. Let's watch and find out together, shall we? (:

Besides that, i would really love to see soon shin being successful as an actress! Cause i just love IU, she's so sweet and really cute! How nice if they've parts of IU singing in the drama as well! Her voice is awesomely amazing! (:

Till then.

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