Thursday 25 July 2013

It's a WRAP with LOL Season 2; THE FINALE.


LOL Season 2 has finally come to it's final recording, at the Scape Orchard. I'm sure going to miss all the fun and laughter, how about you?

 . Wine Bottega . 

I love the diamonds on the black bottle, isn't it beautiful?
Not just the packaging, these sparking wine taste really good too!

Read more about it, HERE.

There is the Gold, Black and Pink.

The Mini(s).

to the set of LOL!!

Marcus AC is also known as the Style Guru, was trying to show us what he learnt before the recording started. 

Denise Tan who is also our host as well as Gold 90.5FM DJ.
Isn't she cute and lovely?

It was a fun-filled night of Ah Lians and Ah Bengs where the TANs gathered. You must be wondering why, aren't you? Firstly, in everyone of is deep inside there's an Ah Lian or Ah Beng in us. 
Why TANs then? 
That's because that night we have lovely host Denise Tan, followed by CEO of Dream Academy Selena Tan and the cool guy from Broadway Beng, Sebastian Tan!

What have they been up too?
Selena is in the mist of getting our Nation's Birthday ready as we celebrate Singapore's 48th birthday this year! Sebastian is preparing for his upcoming performance which will be held at the Drama Centre on the 10th of October for..

Back to Basics
(To find out more about Broadway Being 5, stay tune to my upcoming post!)

But that's not all, 
LOL's lovely hosts from Season 1 and Season 2 will also be part of Broadway Beng 5!

To find out more about the interview with Selena Tan and Sebastian Tan, be sure to keep a look out and catch LOL on Toggle coming to your screens soon!

Find out how Selena and Sebastian faired in Lie or Legit!
Where the guests would have to answer questions given by Denise to test on their knowledge on a certain topic for the night.

How about a round of champagne for the winner!

And lastly, before they take their leave. A photo to go! (:
(I remember taking a photo with Sebastian too after his Broadway Beng performance at the Drama Centre years ago when i was still a theatre student! Sadly, i can't remember where the photo went but i'm glad i'm able to get a photo with BOTH Selena and Sebastian this time round! Hehe)

It's break time! A photo with the bloggers who attended that night's recording while the crew prepares for the next segment! (:

Here we have Marcus doing an interview with Tanya from Bobbi's Pole Studio!

Marcus getting ready for his mini performance, which all of us have been waiting since the start of recording! (:

With Tanya by the side, giving guidance.
Let's see Marcus Rock n Roll~

And right after Marcus cute performance, it's time for Tanya to take centre stage!
She's gooooooooodddd~

And finally, an interview with Sezairi Sezali!
Just incase you aren't familiar about who he is, Sezairi Sezali is the 2009 winner of Singapore Idols!
(It's been a while since we've all heard of Singapore Idols, haven't we?)
This time he is back on LOL with two new amazing songs!

Lastly, in appreciation for both amazing hosts! (:

Doesn't this look like a proposal? Hahaha!!

And last but not least, before we all bid goodnight for the final recording..
It's LOL Lucky Draw time!

Winner for LOL's Lucky Draw!

A photo with Sezairi Sezali to go!

And because i didn't get the chance to snap a photo when LOL Season 1 ended, here's to make up for it! (:

LOL's Director, Saham! (:

A group family photo with Selena Tan and Sebastian Tan, along with the bunch of ladies!

photo credit: LOL

Final group photo with fellow bloggers and the superb two awesome LOL hosts, Denise Tan and Marcus AC!!

photo credit: LOL

With that, marks the end and official wrap for LOL Toggle Ladies Talk Show Season 2!! It definitely was a fabulous night and i enjoyed myself heaps as usual or rather even much more then the usual! It was a blasting night filled with awesome celebrities as guests and i had my crazy night filled with non-stop laughing till the end! What's more, i had such an opportunity to snap solo photos with Selena Tan, Sebastian Tan, Sezairi Sezali and the two loveliest hosts, Denise Tan and Marcus AC totally made and ended my night superb! Am going to miss it all, and until.. Season 3 please?
May be?

To view MORE photos, click HERE.

Till then.

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