Wednesday 24 July 2013

LOL the ONE & ONLY Ladies Talk Show is BACK with SEASON 2!!


LOL Toggle is BACK with SEASON 2!!!

Most of you who are familiar or know what LOL is about or better still, have watched LOL's first season and have missed them. Fred not, cause here they are back again for season 2! Zerika and I finally had another chance to attend LOL's 2nd recording of season 2 and once again, LOL has never once disappointed us! We enjoyed our night so much with all the fun and laughter!

LOL Toggle season 2, is hosted by Gold 90.5FM DJ Denise Tan!
Isn't she lovely and cute?


And the live recording commences with an interview with LOL's awesome guests for the night, and they are no other then..

Kuma, Suhaimi Yusof AND Patricia Mok

I was really excited to learn who were the guests for the night cause i'm a fan of Kuma and his stand-up comedy! He never fails to crack you up, and brighten your nights with heaps of continuous laughters! I've only knew about Shuaimi Yusof after watching "Police and Thieves" on Channel 5 years back! It was an awesome sitcom and i always enjoyed how his character and Mark Lee's character always clashes! Of course, not forgetting Patricia Mok! She's another awesome comedian, i've always watched on Channel 8 during my growing up days! And so.. YES!! I was really happy and excited to see them in person on LOL!! (:

With that, ends the first segment with the lovely, funny and awesome guests for the night!
Remember to catch LOL on Toggle and watch the interview Denise Tan had with the guests! Definitely not to be missed!! It's super super, like SUPER hilarious with our local and popular comedy celebrities! Find out more about them, their goals for the year and their years long of experiences being in the industry!

Next up,

How many of you enjoy or love Ballroom Dancing?

That night, two ladies had a chance to learn a short choreography by professional dancers! Of course, not forgetting Denise and Marcus who have learnt the dance steps before the live recording, had to perform as well! It was really entertaining! (:

Here's Marcus and Denise rehearsing and going through the dance choreography once again.

Now, it's time for the two ladies to give it a try themselves after learning the choreography! Well, watching them doing it seems pretty easy but it's actually pretty difficult to remember the steps and choreography in that short span of time! Yet, gambatte to the two courageous ladies! (:

Here goes the actual recording with music!

As you can tell from the photos above, how entertaining that whole segment was right? How could you not LOVE the two awesome host of LOL?

Next up,
Final segment for the night!

Let's welcome, Charlie Lim in the house!

A little background info about Charlie Lim (incase you've no idea who he is).

Charlie ended the recording with 2 awesome and lovely songs! I can't explain how awesome his voice is but you have to hear it yourself and i'm sure you think likewise! But of course, you can check his videos out on youtube or catch him on LOL Talk Show ONLY on Toggle!

And once again, my night ended splendid! Thank you LOL! (:

To view MORE photos, click HERE.

Till then.

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