Tuesday 8 October 2013

Daily Vanity: Shopping In Just A Click!


Many of you would have shopped online for clothes, so what about beauty products?
Sometimes you wonder about the condition of the products being bought online or if it's suitable for your skin and such. Most of the time, photos of products are being placed on the e-shop websites but very rarely you get to know what or how the product really is, until you have bought it, delivered and finally test it out yourself which at times.. it's too late! Money's been wasted. Well, i have the same issues as you do and thus i rarely buy skin/beauty products online. I'll rather head to shops to buy them instead cause I can get to test the products out myself and see with my eyes if it's really good!

But what makes Daily Vanity stand out from the many other beauty e-shop platforms?
Let's find out! :)

Here's a few issues which beauty junkies often face:
 ♥ Advertisements don't tell you enough information to know if a product is really good 
♥ Good products that people talk about are often too pricy 
♥ There's too much risk involved in paying a lot for products that you have never tried before, even if you have heard of good reviews 

Daily Vanity brings you tired-&-tested products at deeply discounted prices. 
Where you get to Read, Shop and Watch.


Founder of Daily Vanity, Kristen has been a beauty blogger at Beauty Sorority, and also helmed e-magazines as an editor, while co-founder Keith is a resourceful techie-at-heart who loves finding solutions to problems.

Daily Vanity is a platform where beauty products are genuinely reviewed and handpicked for sale, with cheap and reliable sources are found and savings passed to shoppers.

In order to recommend more great products to shoppers, flash sales lasting for ONLY 7 days is launched every week. Three collections have been launched so far, with notable sale items including SK-II Facial Treatment Essence only at S$69 instead of S$99.

This e-shop also introduces and stocks cult brands like VMV, Hypaoallergenics, Bioderma and Institut Esthederm.

Daily Vanity is a virtual platform with personality, where every shopper is treated with personal care from order to delivery! After receiving an order, a personal handwritten note is written to each shopper, sharing with him/her the benefits of the products

Tested & Proven!
Bought a product from Daily Vanity with my own coupon code a day earlier and received an email directly from co-founder Keith the following day! =)

P/S: I got another product though. As to what I've gotten, let's keep it a mystery for now.
Stay tune to my instagram/@debsumikolee to find out what i've gotten! ;)

So, what are you waiting for? 
Get your shopping addiction started!

Attended the Daily Vanity e-shop Launch held at Le Noir with Zerika and many other fellow beauty bloggers! I'm glad to have met so many bloggers and made a couple of new lovely friends that night! Here's some photos to check out what we've been doing.. which is basically just eating, drinking and mingling! =)

The Bloggers!
A row full of beauties =)

Thanks to Kristen and Keith from Daily Vanity! 

When you lovely people visit Daily Vanity to shop, you get to enjoy a 10% discount just by quoting "debra" under the coupon code upon payment! Valid till 31st October 2013.

So hurry... 
before your favourite items are sold out!!
with love.

Till then.

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