Wednesday 16 October 2013

Fide Fashion Week 2013, Asian Couture.


First and foremost, this will be a slightly more lengthy post compared to my other posts I've blogged so far. But not to worry, i'll try to have it with lesser words and more photos instead! :)


A big thank you to Shunji Matsuo once again for the tickets and the opportunity to catch 3 amazing designers that night! (I am very very grateful to them indeed!)

I have always loved watching fashion shows, especially those with really exquisite designs cause they never fail to leave an impression! Won't you agree to a certain extend? And so... I'm really glad and ecstatic to be able to attend this year's Fide Fashion Week again!! Of course I'm not alone. This year I've my dad and Zerika catching the showcases with me! =)

Upon entering the convention hall.. The area has been beautifully decorated! I actually like the whole outlook and atmosphere of it! It makes me feel like i'm attending a grand ball like in the movies or storybooks! =)

This area is also the waiting area where cocktails are being served before entering the main area where the runway is.

Here's an "artistic" photo by the dad! 
I actually love how this photo turned out to be! :)

Some design pieces by different designers were displayed.

And here I am.. 
I wasn't really that dressed up that night, and I did regret it a little for not dressing up a little more after seeing how some of the guests were dressed.

The Runway!
Seats are filling up pretty fast! 
Check out the crowd!

Korea, Seoul

I have to apologize in advance for the really bad photos taken! I was in a really bad spot and blocked by some people in front who were standing and for a moment and forgot there are people behind them who are trying to catch a glimpse of the designs as well. At the same time, being seated at the third row (and being short) wasn't being much of a help either. But then again, I do hope you will be able to have a glimpse of the designs though it's not the full outfit! (The photos will definitely get better for the other two showcases, cause I changed my spot!)

And the night continues again after a 30 minute break with Sebastian Gunawan's Showcase!

Before the second showcase started, here's our host for the evening! Utt was one of the co-host to Fide Fashion Week 2013!!

Indonesia, Jakarta

Japan, Tokyo

This is one of my favourite! I simply just LOVE her designs!!

Especially the wedding gowns! They are amazingly breathtakingly beautiful!
Stylish, Classy and Stunning!

What's so special about this gown?
You can wear it up and have it short 
You can wear it down, like a gown!

This is my FAVOURITE piece of all!
I LOVE this wedding gown design! 
 And yes.. I'm already wishing I could have this gown for my wedding in the future!! Haha!!

Check out the veil! 
It glows in the dark with the design of Singapore's merlion at the top and Marina Bay Sands at the bottom edge (which you will be able to catch a glimpse of it if you look really closely but just a portion cause I was blocked! Hehe)

For MORE Fide Fashion Week 2013, Asian Couture photos, click HERE.

It was an amazing night, leaving fide fashion week 2013 after that whole load of beautiful designs for the evening! Dad and I loved the showcases from Korea and Japan! The Sebastian Gunawan showcase was just as fabulous but it wasn't much to our taste. I loved Yumi Katsura's showcase was because the designs were really breathtaking where it leaves you speechless! Looking at her designs, it just makes you go.. "WOW! Beautiful!!" without having to think at all! Haha! As for the Lie Sang Bong showcase, i love his designs too! What's good about it is.. You can wear it daily as an outfit. Unlike the other two showcases which were more for special functions or occasions!

And with that, Fide Fashion Week just keeps getting better and better!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through my post!
There are more photos on my Facebook Page, so do check out all the designs that were being showcased that evening!
Have a pleasant #throwback thursday!

Till then.

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