Monday 28 October 2013

We Went FRENCH for the Night in Moonlight Singapore!


How many of you are able to speak more then 3 languages?

Well, I actually had the opportunity to learn a fourth language this time round! Which is none other then the national language, mother tongue or dialect! Guess what language class did Zerika and I attended for the evening? (The photo above is a huge hint!)

It was an evening class where the students were preparing to sit for their DELF. The students were preparing for their listening exams! It's really similar to how we do our listening comprehension exams during our school days, which the only difference is the language. The students are taught to converse in French even during class time!

DELF is a national exam which the students have to take after completing each level or to the students learning ability. This exam is recognized in France and Frankfurt countries.

So, how does this exam go about?

DELF is split into 6 different levels starting from A1 & A2 for beginners, B1 & B2 for intermediate and C1 & C2 for advance. In each level, there is a time frame consisting of hours which the students need to fulfill.

French is almost second to mother tongue or our national language cause don't be surprise, there are many countries especially certain states in the US that speaks french as their first language!

Well, because it was an advance class and with no other background in French. Half the time i was lost in class not knowing or understanding a single thing. But then, i realize that there are certain things which are pretty similar to english! Like how some french words are being spelt. Then again.. i realize i could actually understand a little here and there by guessing! ;)

It was pretty interesting actually, having to learn another language. Though i understood almost nothing majority of the time, i definitely did leave the classroom with at least a little bit more knowledge in French (like learning some new words besides those famous ones that i already know!). Somehow, that felt quite like a... miracle.

The teachers/lecturers are really nice and patient people who guides students and correct them along the way! Not just that, in each class there's only a max of 15 per class (larger class) but usually they would prefer a class that's no more then 8. This allows the teacher and student to spend more time together learning the language.

Besides having a larger classroom to fit a maximum of 15 students in a class, they also provide one-on-one classes or for even smaller groups! So you won't need to worry about paying for the course yet end up learning nothing! =)

The teachers are personally picked by having a native to teach the particular language! This way, you get to learn the actual native language first hand.

Having second thoughts on taking up French yet?

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P/S: I didn't really take much photos, cause I didn't want to disrupt the class.
Thank you for your kind understanding! =)

Till then.

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