Thursday 2 January 2014

BEST New Year Ever!! Bringing 2013 to a close & Welcoming 2014 ♥


I had the BEST new year's eve 2013 to new year's 2014 this time that I just had to blog all about it!

New Year's Eve was usually a simple celebration with either my family or love ones and friends but this year it was so freakin' awesome that I didn't want it to end!

It started with a simple tea/diner with the parents at TWG, while waiting for time to pass.
As most of you would've known, TWG is not just famous for their wide range of teas but they do have pretty good food too!

Thanks to my aunt, I've got complementary tickets to catch Rain with Nine Muses new year's eve countdown concert at MBS! And i'm so so so grateful and happy for that!

I don't really know who Nine Muses are and I guess they have just debuted not too long ago. Well, pardon me cause I've not been following up with the latest kpop group news. But my main attraction was RAIN!! Couldn't wait for him to appear on stage! Haha!!

F I N A L L Y!!
It's Jung Ji Hoon aka Bi Rain!!

Totally love the way he dances.
And it's amazing that my parents enjoyed themselves just as much as I did.
Rain was just as charismatic as ever!

First family photo of 2014 right after countdown and the amazing display of fireworks!
Love them to bits

With New Year's Eve such a fabulous blast, New Year was simple yet fulfilling and well spent with the family and D.

With 2013 being a wrecked up year for us, we've gone through one of our worst and yet here we are standing together in bliss into 2014. Thank you for being my 1314 and with many more to come!

Lastly, a completed family photo with our very first dinner together!

What an awesome kickstart into 2014!
How could I not love and be excited, looking forward to an amazing year ahead of me that's gonna be filled with greatness and fullness of blessings and favour!

And last but not least, I would like to thank all of you readers who have supported me in one way or another. My deepest apologies that I haven't been blogging as much as I used too before due to my full-time job that I actually love and enjoy doing! Wishing all of you the best in 2014,

please continue to shower me with your love and support!
thank you!

More blog posts will be coming soon!
♥ Red Cross Volunteer's Day Fashion Showcase 
♥ ZA Rouge Affair Launch 
♥ The Secret Garden Launch 
& many more.

Till then.

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