Monday 3 March 2014

Glamorously Chic, My Way.


Everyone loves dressing up and looking good, don't we? 
For whatever reasons it may be.
There are days when we don't feel like dressing up either, cause dressing up goes according to our moods (at least it does for me).

Black, a colour that's always easy to match.
But sometimes going all black all the time can be pretty gloomy.
Adding a little colour yet wanting to keep that cool, chic look with a tinch of style and fashion, while adding some accessories to complete the look!

Cause I don't quite have a reason why,
besides mix and matching a style and outfit to my liking.
An outfit I would wear to a lovely date out with my lover or to parties with my awesome girlfriends or even to a simple outing with the family.

Drape the jacket over, it becomes a smart casual outfit.
Take it off, it becomes a casual outfit.
A style that's versatile and suitable for any occassion!
A style, I love.
A style that's not feminine nor too strong.
A style which represents me.

What do you think of the combination I've created below?

Love it. Hate it.
Tell me all about it. 

Check back at Glasses Online Singapore's Facebook Page and start voting for "The Outfit of the Month" from 7th Of March 2014 onwards. 

There's only a week of voting to see who reaches the top to win "The Outfit of the Month"!
Your votes would be most appreciated! 
BIG HUGE ♥ in advance!

P/S: you get the *hint, don't you? ;)

Till then.

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