Wednesday 23 January 2013

emallFashion :: A Fashion Show and the World is your Runway

Fashion ♥

Looking for new online fashion websites?

Love Designer's Wear?

Love being unique?

Love Fashion?

Love being different?

Bringing to you an Online Fashion Market not to be MISSED!!

Shopping at your own comfort anywhere, anytime.


Have you heard of them?

Let's find out what emallFashion is about. started out as a dream, a hope, something that everybody could share and own together. Most importantly, it was dedicated to my other half; Her love, passion, and interest in clothing and fashion breathed life into

Developed in 2011, eMallFashion is based on my foundation of love and passion for Her. However, my relationship with Her ended while was still in its infancy stage. The development of eMallFashion halted, its birth shrouded in darkness; never to see the light of day.

My friend once advised me to have faith and believe in TIME because "Time Will Heal The Pain, Bring The Sun And Dry The Rain". With renewed faith, I picked up the broken pieces of my life and decided to continue with

The reason exists today, after all the ups and downs, is because with, I can keep her love, dreams and passion alive inside me. These feelings and dreams are the most precious moment of my life which I would treasure always.

Based on the motto "IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE", is not your normal clothing/boutiques online shopping website. We provide uncompromising quality products at a highly competitive price, good after sales service, and fast delivery. We let our products, actions and services speak for her. Lets experience our "UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY PRODUCTS" with us!

"A Dream You Dream Alone Is Only A Dream. A Dream You Dream Together Is Reality".

- John Lennon -


Online shopping has been trending for quite awhile now. New blogshops, online fashion websites have been springing up time and again. And girls being girls, don't we love shopping? Then again, in this advanced world that we live in, be it female or male, online shopping has been an "IN" thing especially the internet is so accessible nowadays (minus the fact that our service providers have been screwing up recently).

An easy way to shop, without having to wait in long queues to make your payment or getting squashed in the crowd while shopping. Online shopping has made everything so much more simple and easier for us all especially busy people who really needs to shop but can never find a proper time to head down to shops. All the hassle is being solved with just a click away!

Don't you love life sometimes? Or rather, love the invention of the internet!?

emallFashion offers a range of fashion from women's and men's to kid's wear. From dresses, tops, skirts to swimwear, accessories, jewellery, shoes even sarongs! Check out emallFashion's Designer's Profiles as well. Who knows, you may actually fall for another awesome designer's brand from Australia!

Enough said. Having introduced emallFashion to you, here's a little tip off of what emallFashion has to offer right now!! Fastest fingers first and start clicking away!


Now's your chance to win yourself an authentic COACH handbag! 
Find out HOW.

Spend S$65 (A$50) and get yourself a free gift plus stand a chance to win yourself an authentic Coach Handbag in just 3 simple steps!

Step 1: "LIKE" Debra Sumiko Lee Facebook Page -> HERE
Step 2: Click HERE ->
Step 3: "LIKE" emallFashion Facebook Page -> HERE

and START Shopping!



1. This free gift with purchase is only available with your online order.

2. Only one free gift per customer and per household.

3. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer/promotion.

4. If you are requesting a refund within 7 days of your order, this must include the return of your 'free gift with purchase’ otherwise refund will be void.

5. Normal delivery terms apply

6. Normal returns policy apply

7. To qualify for our free gift you must spend over S$65 (A$50.00) on product/s value to qualify

8. Not available at in-store locations or other locations.

9. emallFashion reserve the right to update or change the Terms at any time without notice to You.

10. Free Gift will be shipped seperately.

11. Free Gift with Purchase is selected on a random basis determined by stock levels.

12. Free Gift may not be exchanged.

13. This offer is subject to availability.

14. If you have any query on any of the above simply email emallFashion for further information.

How to Win an Authentic Coach Handbag which Valued at RRP A$555

1. You must spend over S$65 (A$50.00) on product/s value to qualify

2. Take a picture of you using your purchased product/s.

3. Upload the photo to eMallFashion Facebook Page.

4. Winner will be choosen base on how many Likes.

5. This competition will end on 28th February 2013.

6. Winner will be announce on our FaceBook page.

7. emallFashion reserve the right to update or change the competition end date without notice to You.

8. Selected winner will need to prove his/her purchased.

For total purchase including shipping S$129.50 (AUD$100) and above, YOU lovely customers/readers can have an option to choose EZpay as their payment option. 

For more information about EZpay, please visit:



Till then!

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