Sunday 23 September 2012

May Queen


I'm a huge fan of kpop! From Kdramas to korean food to Kpop songs to Kpop artist (actors, actresses, singers) and I can never get enough. I've been watching Korean dramas since my teenage years and I'm proud to say I've covered almost every well-liked hit korean drama series through the years till today. Haha!

Lately there's been a couple of awesome drama series that's been airing. But some are just normal, some hilarious and some tragic that makes you weep each time you watch. 

For those, like me who are huge korean drama fans. You wouldn't want to miss drama out! To me, it's pretty awesome enough that it keeps me craving for episode after episode, wanting to know what happens next. These actors and actresses in the drama are really fantastic! I'm sure you'll agree with me after watching it. Even the kid actors and actresses are awesome!

I've had mixed feelings watching this drama. I've laughed and cried along with them as well. At times, it makes me look pretty dumb and crazy, laughing and crying in front of my laptop. That was how engrossed I was watching it.

If you are looking for a korean drama to watch recently, I'll recommend May Queen! Of course, there are others that is being aired right now as well (which I talk about soon) but this drama is definitely worth watching.

Title: May Queen, 메이퀸
Genre: Romance, melodrama
Episodes: 32
Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 

A story about young people who were born during a time of development for the shipbuilding industry. In their journey, there's ambition and love, betrayal and vengeance, failure and success.

Chun Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) is a women who pulls herself up from a harsh life and makes a name for herself in the shipbuilding industry. Park Chang Hee (Jae Hee) and Kang San (Kim Jae Won) are the two men who rivals for her love.

May Queen Drama Preview

Have you started watching it yet?

Till then.

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