Tuesday 25 September 2012

Underwater World, Sentosa


It's been at least 7-8 years since I've last visited the underwater world smack right in the island of Sentosa. Now that I'm back again for a visit, Underwater World has changed so much from what I've remembered! I remember Dolphin Lagoon was by the beach where the dolphins would showcase their stunts to the audience and now they have their own theatre to perform! (Way to go Pink Dolphins!) Besides the dolphins showcase, dolphin lagoon has also included the SEALIONS into the show! The sealions were amazing and they are really adorable! Adorable enough to bring you heaps of laughters!

After the performance ended, our next stop was of course THE UNDERWATER WORLD! The Underwater World itself hasn't really changed much. Besides having lesser fishes in the tanks and maybe some of them have grown? Haha.

 Sea Angel is something new! This little fella got me all engrossed with it. It is not visible by the eye, thus there're tiny magnifying glass that's been build on the tank itself. Isn't this amazing?

How can we miss out on this! Jellyfishes are such beautiful creatures!

It's definitely been a memorable day spent at the Underwater World, reliving childhood memories! How I miss those camp days and school trips with all my friends, schoolmates and classmates! Besides having fun, there's much to learn as well. If you haven't been there for years, like me. Drop by one of these days with your family, love ones or friends and relive those memories! (:

Till then.

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