Tuesday 27 November 2012

Occasion: New Boutique Opening @ 100 AM Tras Street

100 AM??
Tras Street??

Just incase not many of you have heard of this new shopping mall, 100 AM at Tras Street (near Amara Hotel) neither have I!! I only realize this mall existed when Zerika told me to meet her there! Well, fred not cause here's a little info about 100 AM.

100 AM (AM pronounced as ‘em’), a brand new mall, owned and managed by Amara Hotel Properties Pte Ltd (“AHPPL”, subsidiary of Amara Holdings Limited) is the only full-fledged shopping mall in the west-end of the Central Business District.

100 AM aims to create a brand new shopping experience featuring a wide variety of retail, lifestyle and dining concepts tailored to meet the changing lifestyle in the new vibrant and dynamic hub of Tanjong Pagar.

Strategically located within a burgeoning inner city residential and business district with a huge catchment of residential and office crowd and tourists, this 127,000 sq ft mall with four levels of retail space will be a leading retail and dining destination.

The new façade comes alive at night when vibrant hues of coloured glass fins illuminate the mall and transforms it into a dramatically lit landmark in this historic part of the CBD.

100 AM is only 2-min walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.

Check out their website to find out more!

 Next Up! 
Main topic for the day!

Have you ever been troubled about what to wear for prom, D & D, parties or getting yourself a lovely bridesmaid outfit for your buddy's upcoming wedding? Or what to wear for your special date? Occasion may be just what you need to help put your mind at ease with a variety of dresses and colors for you to pick from for ANY occasion! 

Thanks to Zerika, the bff (Check her blog out -> http://zerika-says.blogspot.com!) for tagging me along to this awesome experience and also for becoming my photographer for the day and vice versa since there was only just the both of us!


It didn't sound familiar to me until I saw the store front and realize I've been to Occasion before! I went to their first outlet which is located at Raffles City (Cityhall) in search of bridesmaid dress since a close buddy of mine is about to get married this december. I even tried a couple of dress there, which I loved the designs. But because the bride-to-be's the boss, I had to head back to discuss with her. We ended up getting the bridesmaid dresses online and honestly, we regretted it so much!

Then, chancing upon Occasion again! This newly open outlet at 100 AM is slightly bigger compared to  Raffles City. There's more dressing rooms available as well as a wider range of colours as well as designs! First of first, before trying out the dresses we would need to take a good look around to see what the shop offers right?

As you will see from the photos below, Occasion has a very sweet, lovely and feminine looking layout. Besides having a wide range of dress, Occasion also sells similar coloured accessories for you to match your dress. And if you scroll further down, you'll also see shoes display as well as clutch bags! You can walk into Occasion and fully accessorize yourself with your dress before any event! And it's a plus point cause you can buy your favourite piece off the racks. If you happen to have a disaster wear on that similar day of your event, you can just walk into Occasion and pick your favourite piece and walk out looking all sweet, lovely and fully accessorized! (Of course, you will need to make payment first!) Besides that, you can select from a range of short dresses to long dress from sweet pastel to vibrant colours as well! They even come in sizes (S, M, L, XL)! So, fred not! (:

Short dresses ranges at $88 while long dresses ranges from $138 - $168. The prices are not very cheap neither are they very expensive, they are reasonable prices and what's more? The quality of these dresses are not made with cheap quality material, there's quality standard. With quality and standard involved, what is a couple of bucks more right? Furthermore, good stuffs are worth much more don't you agree? Wouldn't it also be better to buy a dress of better quality where you'll be able to wear it frequently like any other favorite piece of clothing for a much longer period of time before it wears and tears?

Zerika and I took awhile to walk round the shop and browse through the lovely dresses looking for ones that we really like and would fit into our style. We each managed to find 3 outfits which we liked before heading to the dressing room for fitting. Because we were busy snapping photos away of ourselves, and due to time constraint we only managed to try out 3 lovely outfit! (Scroll down and you'll see our "photoshoot" madness at Occasion).

Occasion also offers dresses packages that's available in:
 4 Dresses at $278 
 6 Dresses at $398 
 8 Dresses at $498 

As what I would always say, photos tell a thousand words! >.-

yummy cute cupcakes! *drools*

Zerika and Me with the lovely cute pastries! yum yum..

Photo credit: Zerika, Photographer: Zerika
Checking out the catalogue.

lovely catalogue photos

Photo credit: Zerika, Photographer: Zerika
Mad love this beautiful long white dress!
Makes a good bridesmaid dress doesn't it? Or even a ROM dress or Bride?

next up: Outfit No.2
this white silver tube dress, fits going for a night of sexy fun.
again, it can be used for any occasion! clubbing, parties, ROM, special dinner date etc.

next: outfit No.3

 Photo credit: Zerika
Thanks Andrea for the lovely goodie bag!

Photo credit: Zerika, Photographer: Zerika

Photo credit: Zerika, Photographer: Zerika
Thank you! And I'll definitely be back! (:

From the photos, I'm sure you can tell how much fun we had at Occasion! We were two happy girls that day! And Zerika finally bought a dress which is NOT black! Hooray! Can't wait to see her in that dress! As for me, I'll definitely be back! (:

Thank you once again Occasion! And also a very BIG thank you to lovely Andrea and the awesome Occasion staffs at 100 AM for letting us use your displays as props! (:

Head down to Occasion and check out WHAT'S NEW!

.Occasion Dresses Outlets.

100AM Tras Street 
(Next to Amara Hotel
Tel: 66948801

252 North Bridge Road 
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 63388721

Check out Occasion Dresses FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Occasionboutique

Thanks to Mag as well! (Check her blog out ->  http://modgam.com)

Till then.

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