Saturday 29 December 2012

TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Launch

Beauty & Fashion 

Everyone's more or less concern about how we look nowadays, don't we?
How we dress?
How we look?
Do our dressing/clothes look ok?
Is our hairstyle alright or are we having a really bad hair day which we all hate?
It isn't a sin, wanting to look good. Who would want to look bad?

Well, fred not cause TONI&GUY is now back with a whole new concept bringing you the coolest hair along with fashion to your needs. YOU can look GOOD, anytime and anywhere.

TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe is a philosophy born from a devout love of hair and fashion and the belief that style shouldn't just be about the clothes you wear, but the entire look from head to toe AND the attitude that goes with it.

TONI&GUY Hair meets Wardrobe brings hair fashion from backstage to the stress with 4 style collections: Classic, Creative, Glamour and Casual which have been inspired by and developed around individual yet timeless fashion themes.

Whether you like to look effortlessly cool and casual or sexy and glamourous, have an air of classic elegance or a twist of creative attitude, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe will help take your hair fashion style to the next level with salon inspired products for both style foundation and style creation.


TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe isn't just about your hair style - it's about your hair attitude and expression too. WIth inspiration from London's catwalk shows and fashion's coolest influences, TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe is a brand new concept in haircare, letting hair take the lead in the fashion arena.

Got an opportunity to attend TONI&GUY's Hair Meets Wardrobe event launch held at Ion Orchard Sky with my buddy, Zerika and Mr Style King thanks to Diana! Due to the really bad jam on a Friday night, we managed to make it in time to catch the finale before the whole fashion show officially ended.

We managed to snap some photos as the models posed before the cameras individually showcasing the different hair styles created using the TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe collection and it totally amazed me. I couldn't keep my jaws from closing as I admire those amazing hair styles.

 everyone was grabbing a change to get a photo with these lovely models after the fashion show

After the models left, we were left on our own to mingle. I met a couple of familiar faces as well as a lovely girlfriend, who I've not seen for ages at the event too. And of course, we girls tend to do what we do best! The usual, we went snapping away. Having fun is what makes everything fun isn't it?

 getting retarded and YESSS, I have a tag too!!

 Zerika and I, enjoying our drink!
the drink taste really awesome!

We had our chance to stand on the runway too! >.-

really weird-looking pose with Sean.
posing with TONI&GUY's Hair Meets Wardrobe Cleanse & Nourish/Prep Collection

photobooth time!!
with the girlfriend, Jamie Ang
Zerika, Mr Style King, Sean & Tai Zheng

thank you for the lovely goodie bag!
TOTALLY love what's inside >.-

I had a really fun and enjoyable experience at TONI&GUY's Hair Meet Wardrobe event launch that night. Once again, thank you for the lovely experience! AND, I actually had a chance to try them out myself during a buddy's wedding! (Well, I wasn't the only one who had the opportunity to test it out too! hehe)

 that's me, after using TONI&GUY's Classic Collection.
look at how my hair stays so well.
credits to Zerika for helping with the hair styling

besides me, even the bff is having her chance to getting her hair done with
TONI&GUY's Classic Collection Hair Spray! (:
credits again to Zerika for hair styling

We were all having hair malfunction that night, thus we left our hair to someone who's able to see what goes on at the back of our heads. Thanks to Zerika and TONI&GUY's Classic Collection Hair Spray who came to the rescue!! 

Range of products launched at TONI&GUY Hair Meets Wardrobe:

Cleanse & Nourish Collection

 Prepare your tresses before you style with the new Cleanse & Nourish range for professional cleansing and deep conditioning including products for all hair types.

Prep Collection

For the perfect style foundation, protect your hair into the look you want. Use products on damp hair to prep before you style.

Introducing the 4 style collections:

Casual Collection 

For the girl who loves to look effortlessly cool but still sexy. The Casual Collection offers three styling products to create loose, textured and carefree looks, with a lived-in feeling.

Whether you are hanging out at the local market looking for the latest vintage finds or meeting friends for coffee and gossips, hair looks are relaxed but have movement, created by casual, fun and impactful. Feel inspired and let your imagination run wild.

Classic Collection

Being polished, but not prudish, is the sign of a Classic lady. Team your pearls with a cashmere tin set and create hair styles with an air of elegance but twist of attitude. Chic chignons, perfect ponytails and simply straight bobs are created with styling products in the Classic collection.

Glamour Collection

If you like to grab attention with your head-turning, red carpet style, then Glamour is for you. Set your sights high with cocktail party looks created with one the Glamour collection products. Creating the ultimate in hold, powerful body and sleek styles, your hair will ooze style and sophistication with a dash of glitz.

Creative Collection

Push the boundaries and take your style to the next level with the Creative collection. Two styling products will break down style barriers and release your inner artist. Up, down, masculine or feminine, it's all about creativity. For expressive texture, confident hold and extreme attitude - get creative and show off your unique take on 'Hair Meet Wardrobe'.

 TONI&GUY's Hair Meets Wardrobe Collection can be found at selected Guardian and Watson stalls.
So head down and give it a try, while stocks last! (:

For more info, check out TONI&GUY's Hair Meets Wardrobe website:


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Till then.

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