Tuesday 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012. Big HELLO 2013!! ♥

First post of 2013 ♥
This is one after 2-3 years (or maybe longer) that I'm actually spending New Year's Eve and countdown with my family without D (for once). I usually spent countdown with my friends. Well, it wasn't all that bad.

You must be wondering, I'm only 26 how in the world do I know Paul Anka. Well, honestly I don't. I had no idea why I was there either besides having complementary tickets to catch his concert. Literally, his whole concert, I was dumbfounded. I didn't know a single song of his while the crowd was enjoying themselves, singing along and sure having heaps of fun! It was nice watching elderly people enjoying themselves, dancing away and it definitely did make me smile.

We always think that elderly people don't know how to enjoy, like we young people do! But on a second note, have we ever thought that they were once like us? Young, having idols they go crazy for and such? It was an eye-opener. And let's say, I learnt something which deep down in my heart would remain a memory before 2012 came to a closure. A beautiful vision to end 2012.

Of course, the elderly ones aren't able to party hardcore like we youngsters do but it was a different kind of atmosphere all together. One that makes you happy, keep you smiling as you watch everyone around you REALLY enjoying themselves! Dancing, shaking, singing. It was lovely.

 playing with my new found toy to self-entertain
while waiting for the concert to start

 dad & i having fun with the lighted "Happy New Year" specs
it was dad that keep going "take photo! take photo!"

 dad playing with the lighted bangle
his huge ear ring! haha!

mom couldn't be bothered with us.

Even Paul Anaka knows about gangnam style! It was so cute! Everyone got hyped when Gangnam Style started playing.

After the concert, we went downstairs to catch the fireworks! Have always loved fireworks, of course I'll need to catch it since you don't get to see fireworks unless it's a special occasion! The fireworks this year was awesome but it was disappointing I couldn't video or snap really nice photos of it. Photo credits to Google for the fireworks photos! Since I couldn't snap any nice ones with my own camera *sobs*

As you can tell, I definitely did enjoy myself though I dozed a couple of times cause I was really sleepy and the songs were so pleasant to the ear. Plus the air-conditioning and all. It just felt so relaxed and good that I couldn't help it! My parents enjoyed themselves totally too! I'm sure everyone has had an awesome closure of 2012 and new happy beginning into 2013 like I did. 


Review into debsumikolee's 2012.

My 2012 hasn't exactly been smooth-sailing all year round, but overall it was pretty awesome and I lived a very blessed life indeed. On second thoughts, thinking back. I would say my 3 wishes I've prayed for in the beginning of 2012 has more or less been fulfilled. I'm now working, very happily with a bunch of awesome colleagues who became very dear friends to me! I've met new awesome friends, created lovely memories and I'm back to blogging once again thanks to Zerika & Mr Style King. And thanks to blogging, I've got the chance to experience some really awesome events that I'm glad I was invited or tagged along. Besides that, I even got the chance to win a couple of gift aways that totally made me so happy! (I seriously LOVE winning stuffs *hint*) 

Besides all the happy events that came into my life, I had moments of heartbreak and sadness. Thanks to such events, it has made me into a stronger person as a whole. And I'm glad I can pave through 2013 stronger then I have ever been from past years. 

[on a personal note...] I'm glad my very first close buddy from our group is now happily married. Had the chance to be a bridesmaid for the very first time! First gatecrash experience and first hosting which felt so awkward it got me all panicky. For those people who have stood by me, encouraged me and gave me the motivation to endure through during my lowest, I would like to thank you guys from the deepest of my heart for being such angles in my life once again! And for those who know me way too well, seeing the changes and mood swings in me, thank you guys for sticking by whenever, no matter! ♥ Thank you so so so so much to all of you! I love you guys!! ♥♥♥ [...]

Let's all leave whatever happiness behind in 2012 and look forward to 2013 with a bang! I'm looking forward to see my 3 wishes being fulfilled before 2013 goes into a closure once again. Besides that, i'm looking forward to more gift aways and awesome packed events as well! (Yeah, i'm darn HONEST *heehee*) What's more important then all these, I do look forward to a year filled with happiness, wealth, health and success in whichever path I may choose together with my ♥ and family



(7 to perfection)

Till then.

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