Tuesday 28 May 2013

Noel Caleb's Model Search 2013


Alright, so here goes..

I attended the previous fashion showcase a couple of months back this year, during Noel Caleb's first fashion runway. Well, I wasn't one of their models then but a couple of my friends were. Basically, i missed the first round of casting due to my full-time job. 

My friends were having heaps of fun, and it seems like a really interesting experience which I've missed out on previously. So now, Noel Caleb's having their very own model search once again! This time, I made up my mind to be part of it and give it a try! (:

And so, I attended Noel's Caleb's model search for this session at The CO. It was really fun and I made a couple of new friends once again! Well, my side kick was suppose to come along with me, thus I wasn't able to snap that many photos this time round. Do pardon me for it. I'll try to snap more, the next time round! 

Besides making lovely friends that night, it was an honour to be coached by Miss Jamie Lim, New Paper New Face 2011! She's really stunning, tall, slim and really nice and friendly! I'm somewhere in the photo too, watching the others as they did their catwalk and photoshoot. Spot me if you can! (:

 photo credit: Noel Caleb

After my short little introduction, it's fun huh? But that's not all! Noel Caleb is having another round of model search this coming 4th of June at The Co, 75 High Street once again! This upcoming fashion show will be held on the 29th of June 2013, featuring not just Noel Caleb but 9 other asia's hottest fashion labels! If you think you're up for a challenge and an amazing experience of a pretty much lifetime, DONT GIVE IT A MISS! Guys and girls are welcome to participate! Come on down with makeup, wear those heels and let's get the fun started!! =D

photo credit: Noel Caleb

This post is pretty short, but fred not! I'll be keeping you posted on my journey and in the progress experience into Noel Caleb's next and upcoming fashion show which will be held in a really amazing place! Thinking about it makes me excited already! Curious to know where it's held? Stay tune then!

P/S: If you're there, come say hi! I promise I won't bite! (:

Till then.

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