Thursday 4 July 2013

#itsmybirthday. ♥

Looking at the title post, it's obvious what i'm about to blog about. I have officially turned 27! Well, not really proud cause at a certain point, i do wish time could stand still. I'm not the slightest bit enjoying the process of "aging". But then again, i can't hold back  and not talk about my lovely night spent with a bunch of really awesome people who totally made my birthday a blast!! Though it was really simple, like any other staycation or sleepover, I really did enjoy myself to the maximum, drowning with laughter the whole night long! And i'm really thankful for having them in my life! My deepest apologies, i wasn't able to invite that many of you over because half the night I wasn't around! 

Right, back to topic. Well, i have never quite ever had a PJ party before and so this year.. i decided to do a PJ party! My first and hopefully not last. It was really fun and a total girl's kinda thing! When you have a whole group of girls together without ANY guys.. it's C.R.A.Z.Y!!

The very first thing I did upon entering the room is to check the balcony out! Just right outside my room on the 15th floor was Gardens by the Bay! I was loving my background scenery and couldn't wait for night to come to admire those lovely lightings!

Presenting my P.Oshies!! My bunch of favourite colleagues and awesome friends, my dearest happy pills were here to spend the day with me and have a staycation! Group photo while settling down and enjoying the luxury of the air-con, away from the haze and heat. Thank goodness, the haze wasn't that bad. PSI has gone down. HAPPINESS (:

When you're at Marina Bay Sands, how could you NOT visit the infinity pool right? So here we are, all ready and changed into our swim suits and while waiting for the lift to take us all the way to the top, we can never  stay away from fun and crazy random stuffs.

Here we are, at the Infinity Pool!
Once in a while, it's fun playing in the pool.
Makes me feel like a mermaid.

I was pretty hungry by then and thanks to mumsi and daddy boo, who went out to get food for us all. We had a nice feast in the comfort of our little hotel room! Of course, we had the booze waiting at the corner.

The buddy and fellow blogger, Zerika (:

While i was busy snapping photos away, the P.Oshies and daddy boo was helping to settle the food and getting them all ready to eat.

Check who's in the house besides Zerika.. Mr Style King! 
Thanks for coming! (:

Trying to photo bomb them to do a candid shot, but it failed.

Thanks AZH friends for dropping by too and celebrating it with me! It was nice knowing you both!!
Thank you for the HUGE lovely macaroons from Au Chocolate! 

Every year it's always been cakes and different flavoured cakes, so this year i wanted something a little different. I wanted macroons at first to make up as cakes but ended up with mini cupcakes and it's my favourite flavor! Well, i wanted lavender but they couldn't do it so i'll settle for second favorite. Better then nothing right?

Cupcakes were specially made to order from..
PARCO, Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596.

This was my first, trying cupcakes from Francisca and i totally love it! Not only are the cupcakes really cute and miniature, it tasted really yummy! Wasn't try but just nice! Max loved my cakes!! 

Cake settled and BIG THUMBS UP!! (:
nom nom nom.

Then, we didn't have candles. Basically because we forgot to get them and furthermore, we didn't quite know how to place the candles either. And so, i had a very special candle as you can see from the photo below! A candle, which it's flame can NEVER be diminished. It always stays burning -.-

With that, i made a quick sweet wish for the year and blew the flame. I didn't need to do any cutting so it was all left to self-service! (:

The mumsi & daddy boo! 
The two most important people in my life!
Another family photo added (:

If you think this is all, well.. 
It isn't. There more MORE,

The P.Oshies and their though not much money spent present yet made from the heart. 
I love the present! Thank you for the memories given to me at P.Osh and your individual love notes! I'm really touched but sorry, i am not gonna cry! Haha!!

Thank you Zerika and Mr Style King for the Cap, Bracelet and cute little pinky keychain!

Bobo and her cute present!

The one who has always been by my side and made me feel like the happiest princess on earth while living!! My all time favourite daddy boo! ♥.
i'm a daddy's girl! hehehe.

Since secondary days, let's keep the friendship moving~
Thank you for coming, bobo! 

After the cakes and all, you need some activities. I forgot what game it is they were playing but it totally created a huge roar of laughter and enthusiasm. 

Even Zerika's been drawn into the game, yet looking pretty much lost.

Here we are in the middle of the night, into the wee hours of a weekday.. Having heart to heart talks, eating, chilling and getting our nails done! I got my gel nails beautifully manicured too! 

Finally, at 5am we decided to hit the sack and get some rest. One night has gone by that fast and once again, it's a brand new day! Group shot before bidding goodbye to MBS. It's been an awesome and fun night with my girls! Love ya'll to bits!! 

This is us, after finishing up the remaining alcohol from the previous night so we wouldn't need to bring them back home. SOBER much? (:

Before i officially sign off. I would like to thank each and every one of you who came, stayed over and made me the happiest person, #likeaprincess! I can't express how touched I am with my presents, your presense and of course all the lovely wishes i've gotten be it on social media, sms, videos and calls!

And lastly, thank you for taking the time to read this really random post!

I am definitely LOVED ♥.


Till then.

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  1. ahh! I didn't know it's your birthday.
    Happy belated birthday girl. (:
    May you have a bless year ahead! ^^

    1. No worries babe! Thank you!!
      See you soon, hopefully!!
      Have a great weekend ya! (: