Thursday 27 June 2013

1 Day to Fashion in a City! ARE YOU READY FOR IT?


That is the QUESTION.

First and foremost, did you miss me? Haha! Right, a really shameless question indeed. That besides the point, I was just having some fun! (:

Alright, so here goes. In preparation for Fashion in a City, Noel Caleb models had the opportunity to gym for a whole solid week, last week! Thanks to Fitness First for being an awesome sponsor, we got to keep ourselves toned, fit and burn off some calories/fats. Well, not like i've burned much off. (You'll know why later..)

First day of gym, i met up with two sweet lovely girls,  Stella and Anu! (By the way, Anu is also taking part in Miss World, so do give her your lovely support and "Like" her page HERE).

Before starting anything off, here we are inside the ladies locker snapping photos of ourselves! It's a common thing that happens when a bunch of girls get together. We had to change into our exercise attire, before we went off and had our BMI done.

We had a little consultation done with one of Fitness First personal traineer. Here is Anu, getting her BMI checked. We did the check to see if we fall under the healthy or unhealthy range as well as how bad our body fats were.

Skinny me, have body fats too! But the three of us all fall under the healthy range! Yay!! But of course, we each had our own body fat mass too, basically we three just needs more toning of our muscles and that should keep us toned and fit!

Here we are, enjoying the outdoor breeze.. NO. We were doing intense or rather hardcore core training to tone our abs! It's serious work out BIG TIME, and i almost felt like i was on the verge of going insane! For me who have not been exercising since i've no idea when, was pretty much torture. But after the whole set was over, we felt refreshed! Like your bones and muscles have been released. But the following day, it felt REALLY bad. I had bad body aches all over. O.O

Following day, we met more Noel Caleb models at the gym! It's fun doing work outs together as a group. Helps to keep you motivated to really exercise!

Here we are, getting all ready for Body Jam class! Before class starts.. a photo to go! (:

Look at us after Body Jam, we looked really messed up! The work out was very up tempo, and each set got faster and faster that my stamina was quickly being devoured by the exercises we had to do. But it's really fun! If i could choose, YES i'll love to do Body Jam again!

That pretty much sums up my week of gym! Getting to make new friends, having awesome company for work outs, classes and burning those calories and fats off. Right, the reason why i guess i didn't make much of a difference after gym, was because on the last two days i had steamboat for two conservative nights! Yes, the gluttony in me took over. Ohh well, but it was an awesome experience still! (:

P/S: Haven't been able to snap much photos with my camera, thus we used our phones to snap photos for convenience purpose!

Would you like some insides into Fashion in a City?

Fashion in a City is just a day away.
What sort of preparation have the models been up too?

 Fitting in progress, Day 1 of Rehearsals. 

We did our clothes fitting for the day, as well as a short filming! Do look out for us on video at Fashion in a City tomorrow! (:

 Jamie briefing us on the catwalk choreography for Fashion in a City! 
 2nd Day of Rehearsals. 

I'll leave the photos for your viewing pleasure to check what's been happening! Without further ado, i'll be signing off my posts with these photos! So, see you tomorrow at Fashion in a City, 5pm - 10pm at Avalon! Ticket sales are going at $60 now (includes after party to Avalon).

If you have bought your tickets! Come party with us after the show!
Till then, have an awesome TGIF and we models will see you tomorrow! (:

* Photos taken with Casio Exilim Ex-ZR700 *

P/S: I'll try to do "LIVE" updates tomorrow! So stay tuned! (:

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