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Dove Intense Repair Hair Care Range x Media Launch

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Thanks to Samantha for the lovely invitation to Dove Media Launch, held at L'etoile Cafe! I enjoyed my time spent there with fellow bloggers AND also having to meet up with a long time church friend was pretty awesome! YES, i'm feeling really blessed indeed! (:

P/S: Apologies for the photos! I've no idea why my photos turned out so blurred -.-

Dove Intense Repair Hair Care products were displayed on every table.
Loved the white roses and petals by the way! Hehe.

Besides Dove products and the delicious refreshment spread, local designer brand Carrie K was present at the event too! O.O

Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery marries artisan-crafted jewellery with playfully provocative design to challenge traditional notions of what makes something precious and desired. 

"We see beauty in imperfection, marvel at the mundane in everyday life and celebrate what is real rather than what seems flawless."

Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery based in Singapore, was established in 2009 and have won the ELLE Awards "Jewellery Designer of the Year" in 2010.

 . Carolyn Kan . 
Founder and Designer of Carrie K

Customised Leather Bracelets!

Lovely Grace and her partner who helped with the customizing of our leather bracelet! 

Everyone who attended the event (mainly bloggers) got to head home with our very own customized Carrie K leather bracelet!! AWESOME!! ♥♥

 I've ever seen Carrie K's accessories once at another event i attended with Zerika which i loved so much and wanted to buy, but after checking out the price i was shocked! It's really costly!! Of course, the price is definitely worthy of the design and effort put into creating those lovely masterpieces! And what i love about Carrie K's accessories is the style and classy design of each individual piece! It's simple yet the attraction to the design pieces are so addictive! I swear and remembered i couldn't help myself but keep walking back to look at the accessories then! And now, i've got my very own customised piece from Carrie K!! 

A priceless treasure!! Mega L.O.V.E!!! ♥ (:

The event started with a short presentation about our hair! It was a really fun presentation cause instead of just sitting and listening we were given questions to answer and prizes to win! It's an interesting interactive presentation i would say. 

Sometimes just hearing is hard to believe, you need to give it a try in order to experience it yourself or rather know what exactly the presenter is talking about.

Testing out the Dove Hair Therapy!

Miss Zerika Gan, my model for the night! =)

 "It smells really good, really fragrant! 
And it makes your hair really soft and smooth!"

After the presentation was over, a little experiment was done using Dove Intense Repair Hair range (Shampoo and Conditioner) against a normal non-conditioning shampoo brand (unknown, namely Brand X).

Both had weights weighing 250g hanging.

On photo it's really hard to show how fast it drops. The hair which was washed with Dove Shampoo and Conditioner dropped really fast within seconds compared to Brand X.

Next up, we played a little game that's pretty similar to Uno Stacko. Just that we had to stack the blocks exactly the exact same way as the photo which was shown on the screen! Well, i didn't get to snap a photo from the screen cause our table got really excited and really engross into the game. It's fastest fingers first and you'll win a prize! Aja Aja Fighting!! x)

With the end of the game, marks the end of the event! Some of us continued to hang around and mingle and of course, what every girl enjoy! Photobooth time! Time to take our time, enjoy and have fun spamming photos with photobooth by Running Media!

OHHH GAWDDDDDDDD!! My really uber super crappy face! >.<

My awesome goodies from the event! Loving my goodies to the max! Especially the bling bling necklace/thumb drive! Totally DAEBAK (meaning awesome) right? So pretty!! x)

It's not the end YET...

 . Dove Intense Repair Hair Range . 

For the first time, Dove takes hair care deep down to the cellular level. The new Dove Intense Repair Hair Care range contains a patented blend of Keratin Repair Actives that stabilizes the proteins in your hair to make it up to 10 times stronger against damage. Lab results have also shown that hair breakages are reduced significantly by 10 times when the Dove shampoo and conditioner are used as compared to using a non-conditioning shampoo.

Dove Intense Repair fortifies your crowning glory in two ways:

1. Internal Repair
Keratin Repair Actives penetrate deep into the hair fibre to stabilise proteins at the cellular level by restoring the shape of the proteins, the symptoms of damaged hair are also reduced.

2. External Lubrication
At the surface, the Dove Intense Repair range lubricates and smoothens the hair shaft with silicone deposits. Your hair is not only softer and smoother, it also becomes protected from further damage.

What is Hair Building Blocks?

Keratin is a member of the protein family that forms the building blocks of hair, making up to 60-90% of each strand. It is also the key structural component of nails and skin. Not only is Keratin responsible for making our skin waterproof, it also helps to repair injured cells and tissues in our body. In our locks, it imparts strength and resilience to hair fibre.

When hair is subjected to stress from chemical treatments and everyday beauty regimes, keratin gets broken down and hair's structure weakens, becoming more susceptible to breakages along the hair shaft and gaps are formed. Even the simple act of combing damages the outmost layer of the hair fibre, exposing the inner layer to external elements and weakening the hair stand.

Dove's Keratin Repair Actives blend replenishes lost lipids and repairs hair on both the surface and within individual hair strands, so your hair becomes stronger and healthier.

 Dove Intense Repair Hair Care Product Range 

Dove Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream.
$7.05, 120ml

Containing UV blocker, leave-on cream creates a light coat that shields hair against external damage all day.

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner.
$7.70, 350ml
$11.90, 700ml

* Star Product *
Strengths and smoothens hair along with a new Microsheets technology. 
Massage through wet hair after shampoo. 
Leave on for a minute and rinse.

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo.
$7.70, 375ml
$11.70, 700ml

Gently and thoroughly cleanses hair while giving it the nourishment it needs to repair itself from inside out.

Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner.
$8.90, 180ml

Delivers double repair with the dual action of a treatment in a conditioner.
Massage through wet hair after shampoo, leave on for a minute and rinse.

Dove Repair Overnight Treatment.
$12.90, 120ml

Replenishes vital keratin and repair while you sleep.
Use 2 to 3 pumps on damp hair and avoid the roots.
No rinsing required.

Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask.
$10.90, 200ml

Penetrates deep into your hair to repair damage and strengthen hair.
Use once a week, leaving it on for up to 5 minutes before rinsing.

 . Q & A . 

What are the biggest culprits for hair damage?
Hair damage can be caused by heat, chemicals, harsh weather conditions as well as friction.

Is there a marked difference in hair health before and after the age of 30?
As we age, sebum production starts to decline. This may result in drier hair and lesser protection to our hair cuticles. Hormonal changes, especially during and post-pregnancy, stress and other lifestyle factors may also play a part. Depending on the individual, some may face these changes earlier or later than others.

How do you minimise damage if everyday styling is a must?
Using good hair care products is vital. Products like the new Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner not only repair the damage in your hair, they protect your hair throughout the day and make your hair feel and look smoother. Treat your tresses to a nourishing hair mask, like DOve's Intense Repair Treatment Mask or Overnight Treatment at least once a week, or apply a leave-in conditioner like the Dove Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream daily.

What are some lifestyle tips for healthier hair?
Always get an adequate amount of sleep each night at least 7 hours, to allow your hair to rejuvenate. For healthier hair, your diet should also include foods that contain protein, iron, Vitamin B and essential fatty acids.

- Answers provided by John Goh, Research & Development Deploy Manager for Home & Personal Care for Unilever -

For healthier and smoother hair, give Dove Intensive Repair Hair Range a try!
Lovely sweet fragrance as fragrant as roses!
Not too strong yet not to mild.

♥ Have a great weekend & lovely sunday 

Till then.

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