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Majolica Majorca Chapter 38 x Ma Cherie Launch


Thanks to Peggy for the lovely invitation, i got to attend the launch of Majolica Majorca x Ma Cherie event held at Mu Parlour! It was a really enjoyable afternoon spent, with activities lined up for those present to enjoy! You'll know what i'm talking about in a little bit!

Upon registration, we were each given a card (like the photo below) which would be used later at the event, under the mystery box section to receive our prize! Mysterious huh?

The event started out with a short presentation on Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie products that are about to be launched. 

After a the presentation, a short demonstration was shown using Ma Cherie hair styling products on the models for the day! Couldn't really snap much photos cause i was blocked, and so we ended snapping photos of ourselves instead. Heh!

Then.. it was left to our own exploration~

First stop, hairstyling counter!
Well, my hair tied up and i was pretty much happy with my hair for the day thus i gave hairstyling a miss! But we've got Alexia to give it a go!

At every event, how could we ever miss out on refreshments?!
Look how cute those little carrots are!!! x)

Our very own photobooth moment! We couldn't resist with all those props lying around. Haha!

Next station besides the refreshments was where the Mystery Box was placed! We had to slot our cards inside before our "prize" would be given to us. It got a little hilarious and amusing after awhile, especially when the hand appeared and Zerika couldn't stop annoying the poor guy inside it.

Gotten myself a Curl Set Lotion!!
I was a little hesitant cause i do not have any curls currently. I snipped those curls off months back and my hair's still pretty short. But you never know, when this would come in handy one day~ Heh

The Range of Ma Cherie Hair Products!
(and with me goofing around, as usual)

With Zerika's nagging. Here's a PROPER shot! (:

After all the photo taking, we got a little bored and started looking around when we stopped by to check this station out! Peggy was at the station and urged us to give it a shot, and since they managed to find another two girls to make a team, we started to compete to see who's the fastest to complete the giant crossword puzzle! 

Each team was given about 10 seconds to look at the answer, and 3 minutes to complete the crossword puzzle! Zerika had the part of forming the words on the crossword, while i digged for scrabble letters! Though we didn't manage to win cause we were unable to complete it within 3 minutes, but it was a really fun and entertaining game that made us really tensed and panicky! What's really hilarious was, we had miscommunication issues! I heard "campaign" but it was actually "champagne" and then we got stuck with spelling "champagne". Definitely a lovely memory worth remembering! (:

This was another station, where by you will need to find/spot Majolica Majorca products inside the dark box. Zerika and i didn't get the chance to play this, so i ain't too sure about the time limit and such.

To end our lovely afternoon and an awesome time we had, a group shot with fellow bloggers Zerika, Evalee and Alexia before leaving the event! (:

More photos, click HERE.

Launched in 2012, Singapore. Ma Cherie currently offers both in-bath and out-of-bath products formulated with a core ingredient of Champagne Honey Gelee which allows your fingers to glide through smooth hair. Containing other ingredients like champagne, honey etc. that helps to beautify your hair by trapping moisture to tame flyaway hair this leaving it silky smooth. You lovely females would also get to experience a sweet and romantic fragrance while pampering your hair which sweetens the lives of girls everywhere.

Moisturizing ingredients:
Champagne :: Protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress
Honey :: Naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair
Hydroxyethyl Urea :: Effective moisturizing ingredient
Inositol :: Vitamin B that softens hair

This autumn fall, Ma Cherie welcomes a new addition of treatment and styling range! Introducing 6 new items of treatment and styling products which caters to a variety of different hair types. Pink and floral design packaging, hints the romantic fruity fragrance signature to Ma Cherie products.

Curl Set Lotion
Get supple and bouncy curled hair!

Curl Set Lotion gives you a long lasting and bouncy curled hair when used before hair iron or hot curler heat. It also protects hair from heat and styling damage.

♥ Contains Champagne Honey Gelee 
♥ Curl lasts long even on a rainy day 
♥ Soft fruity fragrance 

 How to use: 
1. For first time usage, push the pump several times until mist comes out.
2. Apply generously to dried hair and curl hair using hot curlers or hair iron.
3. Gently release to achieve supple curls.

Decoration Keep Spray
Long lasting hold for any style!

Decoration Keep Spray gives you a long lasting hold for your hair style. A soft hold hairspray that allows hair to look and feel natural all day long.

♥ Contains Champagne Honey Gelee 
♥ Long lasting hold for any styles 
♥ Romantic fruity fragrance 

 How to use: 
1. Hold spray nozzle 15-20 cm away from styled hair and spray over the area that you wish to hold.
2. For a more defined hold, spray onto hair before using hair iron or hot curlers.

Hair Gelee
(Soft Wave)
Achieves bouncy and airy waves!

Hair Gelee (soft wave) regenerates waves in hair and gives hair the airy and bouncy waves that swing around.

♥ Contains Champagne Honey Gelee 
♥ Protects hair form hair dryer heat, static and UV rays 
♥ Romantic fruity fragrance 

 How to use: 
1. Take appropriate amount (size of 1-2 almonds for shoulder length hair) onto your palm and apply it to towel-dried or dried hair.
2. Apply and rub into hair to achieve energetic curls

Hair Gelee Mist
(Airy Mush)
Achieves airy and voluminous style!

Hair Gelee Mist (airy mush) makes your hair airy soft and voluminous from the roots.

♥ Contains Champagne Honey Gelee 
♥ Protects hair from hair dryer heat and static 
♥ Romantic fruity fragrance 

 How to use: 
1. For first time usage, push the pimp several times until mist comes out.
2. Hold the spray nozzle 5-10 cm away from lifted hair. Rub the mist into hair and style using hands.
3. Shake well if it doesn't comes out as mist.

Hair Gelee Mist
(Silky Straight)
Achieves airy soft and smooth straight hair!

Hair Gelee Mist (silky straight) gives you airy soft and straight hair that is silky smooth to the touch.

♥ Contains Champagne Honey Gelee 
♥ Protects hair from hair dryer heat and static 
♥ Romantic fruity fragrance 

 How to use: 
1. For first time usage, push the pump several times until mist comes out.
2. Hold the spray nozzle 5-10 cm away from towel-dried or dried hair. Spray evenly through hair. Comb and blow-dry or allow hair to dry naturally.
3. Shake well if it doesn't come out as mist.

End Cure Milk
Intensive repair for tip of hair!

Leave-in treatment essence focusing on split ends, providing intensive repair and moisture to dry ends.

 ♥ Contains Champagne Honey Gelee 
♥ Protects hair from hair dryer heat and UV rays 
♥ Fruity fragrance 

 How to use: 
Apply appropriate amount onto towel-dried or dried hair focusing on damaged ends*

"Tried Ma Cherie's End Care Milk Treatment on my hair ends and i was totally absorbed into the sweet lovely fragrance! After applying on my hair, the fragrance stays leaving a trail of fruity sweetness that's really pleasant to smell!"

"A fascinating singing voice... a feeling of something new in the air.
On the other side of the door, an eye-opening dramatic change is waiting to happen.
Is that a reflection of a whimsical desire?
If my destiny is to attract exhilarating things, then i'll thoroughly enjoy this dazzling world. 
While being devoured by a falling hall, unexpectedly addictive surprises appear.. more to come"

Rich and fun colours associated with 'baroque' theme fashion trend as well as folklore-inpsoired fashion which is represented by exquisite embroidery and unique prints.

This season's makeup trend emphasizes on the corner and width of the eyes to emulate a 'cat-eye effect'. With rich-toned lip colours to accentuate feminine lips and matching nail colors that complement your outlook and mood for the day.

Autumn is all about femininity and embarking on an adventure! 
Transform into a more-than-usual look out for an encounter full of fun!

Lash Expander Edge Meister F.
NewB lack Film Mascara


Leaves lashes endlessly long and curled yet comes off easily with warm water.

♥ Built in 4mm jet black long fibers.
♥ Liquid lengthening base that smoothly coats each individual lash.
♥ Duo comb that widens and separates each and every lash.
♥ New sensational film type that achieves super curl effect and allows easy removal with just warm water. 
♥ Gloss effect that accentuates jet black and shiny lashes.
♥ Formulated with gentle treatment ingredients for lashes - Vitamin E derivates, Macadamia nuts oil.

 How to use: 
1. Use the main comb to slowly comb up lashes from the root to the tip. It lengthens each and every lash.
2. Use the smaller comb and slowly comb through short lashes near eye-corner and lower lashes. It catches short lashes for a spontaneous touch.

 How to remove: 
1. Remove by applying lukewarm water over lashes in direction of the lashes.
2. If used together with a waterproof mascara, mascara will not come off with just warm water.

to why lashes are able to stay curled all day long

Left :: Lash Expander Edge Meister F
Right :: Film used by other mascaras

♥ New stiffer polymer film that enables lashes to stay curled 

to why mascara is easily removed with just warm water

"I don't usually apply mascara cause it's usually quite a pain to have it removed without loosing strands of my lashes. But after giving Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Edge Meister F a try, i'm totally loving how easy it is to have it removed and what's more? It makes my lashes look full and volumized."

The Little Humming Book III
Limited Edition Makeup Palette

Fun makeup palette book containing an eye cream base, 2 eye shadows and a lip gloss that puts bright and lush colours to the lips which excites and whimsically sparkles the eyes.


 ♥ Eye Cream Base 
A cream base used as an eye shadow primer.
Gives eyelids a wet-look gloss when used alone.
Apply all over lid to add a glossy and sparkly depth to your eye shadow.

♥ Eye Shadow 
Luminous eye colour that is glossy and sparkly when used alone and magical when applied over the eye cream base.

♥ Lip Gloss 
A gloss that plumps up and moisturizes.
Formulated with the moisturizing ingredient
Royal Honey EX (Acacia Honey, Royal Jelly Extract, Bees Wax)

Majolica Majorca Chapter 38 x Ma Cherie
FROM 22 AUGUST 2013!!

Till then.

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