Sunday 8 September 2013

A Day of Ultimate Pampering!

Beauty ♥

First Nail Trending Salon in Singapore, known in specializing in Bridal nails, Nail Arts as well as coming up with their own trends.

All Luxe Women staffs are 100% committed to provide only the best services with their public promise:

"We Care For You"
High hygiene and sanitation standards
"No Pressure Selling"
Only recommends what is best
"Satisfaction Guaranteed"
You will love it before leaving
"Friendly Staffs"
Talk to the staffs about your day
"The LUXE Family"

Luxe Women's nail stylists are all trained by award-winning trainers to learn and innovate new nail-art ideas and creations to be at the top of Singapore's nail industry, making every visit to Luxe Women uniquely exciting!

Workshops and courses for all nail lovers are offered by StarBeau Academy to train more nail stylists to provide and maintain Luxe Women's high standards of nail-arts.

For the very FIRST time in history, Luxe Women will also be launching new beauty services ONLY at their premium outlet located at Sembawang MRT.

Embroidary Services.
Miss Gong, Luxe Women's in-house Si Fu (teacher), an embroidery expert and trainer for 15 years. Well-recommended for using high quality products and equipments for her clients.

Consultation will be done before your appointment, advising you based on your facial FengShui enabling your embroidered eyebrows to being you luck!

Some of her services also includes: Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyeliner Embroidery, Lips Embroidery, Threading and Mole Removal.

Eyebrow Contouring & Eyelash Extensions.
Semi-permanent solutions can never be hard to find as you can get your eyebrowns trimmed and eyelash extended.

Facial & Underarm Waxing.
Go hairless with Luxe Women's new waxing services that targets unsightly facial hairs and underarms

 . Massage . 
ZuYue Foot Reflexology is Luxe Women's brother company, with professional masseurs to ensure you have have your most aching muscles softened under their powerful massaging hands.

THAT, i have to agree! (:

First of first, to start off the afternoon. Zerika and i got to start off with a foot massage! Foot reflexology is one of Zerika's favorite past time, while for me it's pretty much my very first. Basically cause i'm not a fan of pain but to my surprise i actually enjoyed it!

Instead of feeling pain (which i thought it would), it didn't. It actually made me feel relaxed and calm though it got a little ticklish after awhile. Besides enjoying the awesome massage, there's also a android tablet installed with movies and games that's attached to each comfy chair to keep me entertained while getting my massage done! Well, i guess maybe it's partly the magic of distraction too? Haha!

It's my very first doing foot reflexology. Zu Yue Foot Reflexology is Luxe Women's brother company. So, not only can you get your nails pampered.. you can also get a nice good massage.

After getting my foot massaged, it's not the end. There's also the shoulder massage to go along! My aching shoulders felt so so so so so GOOD after the massage! It made my body feel lighter, less "burdensome".

 . i-Spa . 
Aims to bring nail spa to a whole new level with the 7 colour LED Jacuzzi Foot Bath Therapy and back massage chair. All completed with Aroma-Scrub and Mask.

The 7 colour LED Jacuzzi Foot Bath Therapy was what i found really amusing. I enjoyed watching how the light changes every couple second at least for a couple of minutes. What's more? A foot bath jacuzzi is definitely a first for me!

Soaking off and getting my previously done gel polish removed. While getting a full service manicure and pedicure clean up! 

Here i am, enjoying my full body massage with the massage chair while getting my nails pampered! Ultimate love! 

Time for the Aroma-Scrub and Mask!

 . Gel Polish . 
Remaining the first in line to provide SAFE and QUALITY gel polish services, ensuring that your own natural nails won't get damaged throughout the whole process. Luxe Women is also the ONLY salon that offers a 5 days guarantee for your gel polish manicure!!

After getting my nails all gel painted, it's time to give this little machine a try and see what wonders it can do! =)

 . Art-Pro Nail Printing . 
This revolutionary nail printing machine is the FIRST at Luxe Women that can create and print ANY kind of images onto your nails!!

There is definitely no limit to what you can have on your nails, NOW!! ♥ 

You must be wondering if it was painful or how it felt getting my nails printed.

Honestly, it doesn't hurt a single bit! Instead the printing is pretty fast.. and before you even realize it, it's all done and printed on your nails!

But of course after printing, do make sure you get a nail coat painted over. You won't want your nail printed designs to get washed off so easily right? Well, the machine's like a printer. Just that you get to have it printed on your nails instead of paper (:

It's really an awesome experience at Luxe Women and i totally loved how i am able to get any kind of images printed on my nails! I get to customize my nails to my very own design!! Not just that, it can be a one of a kind design which only YOU will have! Wouldn't you love having your very own unique and special design which only you will have?


The design can be manually adjusted to fit the shape of your finger nails exactly.
P/S: Remember not to lift your finger up, but have it rest straight inside the machine to avoid any scratching sensation.

After printing, a little cleaning to ensure no prints gets onto the skin.

And my pretty pretty gel manicured nails are finally done! =)
Definitely a VERY happy girl for the day!!

Thanks to Jaclyn and Mag D for the lovely invitation and for being such awesome hosts for the day! Thanks to them, I had an awesome saturday afternoon spent at Luxe Women! (:

Before i bid farewell, i have to add that the best part about Luxe Women's premium outlet is.. Couples are able to enjoy the same ultimate pampering together! 

Instead of waiting aimlessly with nothing else to do while your other half gets pampered. Couples can also enjoy the same benefit by getting the same pampering treatments together! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do things together as a couple?


the guys could get a nice good massage after a tiring week/day while the girls get their nails pampered!

It works either way! 
Awesome aye?

More photos, Click HERE.

(Premium Outlet)
Sembawang MRT
11 Canberra Road
#01-02, Singapore 759775


Till then.

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