Tuesday 17 September 2013

First Fashion Shoot Experience as a Photographer

Fashion & Photography 

HELLO hello! It's midweek once again! How have your week been so far?

It is out of this world how i ended being a photographer but thanks to my darling Amanda for the heads up, i'm so honoured, happy, excited, grateful (yeah, whatever that comes to your mind. It's that whole lot of emotion) etc to be able to help these two lovely ladies and be part of the "team" for the day! Haha! You won't  be able to imagine HOW excited i was that day~

First of first, i'm not a professional photographer besides being a pro at taking selfies and candid photos (which many would call it "unglam photos" kekeke). I wouldn't say i have amazing skills or whatever but i guess it's everything that makes the photos look amazing! But yet again, it was an amazing experience with the girls! ;)

 ♥ Models ♥ 
Magarita Martinez
Amanda Tan

 ♥ Photographer ♥ 
Yours Truly, ME

 ♥ Theme ♥ 
Gender Bender / Gender-Bending

** Outfits belongs to the models **

Don't they look amazingly gender-bended?
(is there even such a word to begin with?)
With less talk, enjoy the photos or you could leave a comment with your feedback!

P/S: I can't afford these precious photos to get "stolen", so hail to watermark! ;)

. Gender Bender . 

It is sometimes a form of social activism undertaken in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders. Some gender benders identify with the gender assigned them at birth, but challenge the norms of that gender through androgynous behavior and atypical gender roles. Gender benders may self-identify as transgender or gender queer, feeling that the gender assigned to them at their birth is an inaccurate or incomplete description of themselves; some are transsexual and desire to change their physical sex through hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgery. 

Thanks to the girls and fashion shoot, i'm opened to a whole new world into fashion.
There and then, i was "introduced" to Andrej Pegic; a model and "SHE" is a HE.
this was just random. HAHA!!

Till then.

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