Thursday 19 September 2013

Her Legend

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Her Legend
그녀의 신화 / Geunyeoui Shinhwa
aka Her Myth / Bag Story
 ♥ Genre :: Romance, drama, human, family 
 Episodes :: 16 
 Broadcast network :: JTBC 
 Monday & Tuesday, 21:50 

 . CASTS . 

Main Cast

Kim Jeong Hoon as Do Jin Hoo
Choi Jung Won as Eun Jung Soo
Son Eun Seo as Kim Seo Hyun / Eun Kyung Hee
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Min Ki

Jung Soo’s family

Choi Soo Rin as Eun Hye Jung (Jung Soo’s mother)
Maeng Sang Hoon as Eun Ki Jung (Kyung Hee’s father)
Jun Soo Kyung as Kim Mi Yun (Kyung Hee’s mother)
Jang Tae Sung as Eun Kyung Ho (Kyung Hee’s older brother)
Byun Jung Hye as Yeo Sook Kyung

Jin Hoo’s family

Kim Sung Kyum as Do Kyung Chul (Jin Hoo’s grand father)

Seo Hyun’s family

Kim Byung Se as Kim Jong Wook (Seo Hyun’s adoptive father)
Kim Hye Sun as Woo Do Young (Seo Hyun’s adoptive mother)


A drama about two women with switched fates and a man who has everything finding the truth and preciousness of life. It will follow the love and success story of Eun Jung Soo who works her way up in luxury handbag industry, Do Jin Hoo who is a smart and handsome heir of the greatest fashion group, and Eun Kyung Hee who has to hide her true identity for her dreams.


Fashion, design and bags!
In almost every korean drama.. Well practically all of the korean drama there will always be a character you wish you could kill or a character that's just way too over pitiful that gets you so annoyed~

Family, love and betrayal this drama has almost these 3 elements in them. Betrayal to a fellow family and of course, not forgetting falling in love. 

What draws me into the show are the design scenes and how Eun Jung Soo has to work her way up the "hard" way. Well, nobody said reaching one's dream is always easy! This story has a certain essence of reality of the world in it which allows audience to relate one way or another.

I wouldn't say it's the best story yet again, but neither is the story that bad either. Well, it's hard to say about the ending since it's still ongoing.. But let's guess shall we? It's definitely gonna be a happy ending for sure! =)

 Her Legend Trailer 

Family VS Love VS Betrayal.

Till then.

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