Tuesday 17 February 2015

I silently said: YES, I DO!!

Engagement ♥

Finally, CNY assignment is over and it's time to be jolly and enjoy the long weekend. Yet, I'm sick and home resting this CNY. What a way to kick start CNY ain't it? There are many others who are falling ill during this period, therefore please take care and speedy recovery to us all!

My twin from another mother and BFF is finally back from Aussie and I totally can't wait to spend some quality time with her, cause she's hardly in Singapore. Now that I'm able to put work aside for a little while, I can't wait to see her and have a really good catch up!

Alright, that's not what I've wanted to blog about. Pardon me, I tend to de-tour at times.

It's been a while since I've blogged and since I've got some time off to play while waiting for the medication to kick in and take effect before hitting the sacks early. I have been wanting to blog about this since the very beginning but I was either lazy or I didn't quite have the time for it. A dream I've always dreamt off since young and finally it's coming true bit by bit. YES, I AM FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!! A life long dream indeed.

I've always wished for a romantic and sweet proposal, something that's totally out of this world. A simple quiet yet meaningfully romantic way of asking "Will You Marry Me?".

Then again, I've always dreamt of lighted candles, red roses scattered around with the sun set setting as my soul mate goes on his knees to pop the question. Such scenes have always kept replaying in my mind and dreams for years! There will always be little tweaks as time passes, but it can only get better.

Sometimes things that you've always dreamt about never turns out the way you've always thought it would've been. Yet, as years passes and time goes by while I start maturing little by little. I came to realize that things such as this are definitely sweet and yes, you may envy the people around you who have their soul mates during such events. Definitely, a one in a lifetime memory to remember yet sometimes it gets me thinking. Are all these really necessary?

What every women would want from their lifetime partner is their unchanging love and just pure blissfulness of being together. Is it not?

I thought I would've been disappointed, without having a proposal of my dreams but thinking back. But honestly, I was a little disappointed cause I wasn't welcomed with sweet confessions and roses but as he slightly placed that ring on my finger, while smiling. It already made me happy! My heart was bursting with joy. Without any exchange or confession of sweet words, just a simple gesture yet it makes me happy enough to know I'll be spending the remaining of my life with this guy - my one and only.

Being in a relationship with him, had been filled with ups and downs yet through it all we've managed to get through obstacles after obstacles. Of course, we do fight and times it gets so bad that we feel tired and on the verge of giving up. Yet, there will always be one of us who would hold this relationship tightly and say "Let's give it another chance". People make mistakes, we aren't saints. But through this mistakes, we learn and grow together as one.

A proposal is just a formality into another phrase. It went to an extend where I realize, a proposal isn't everything to a blissful relationship. It may be what I've wanted, but the value of it wouldn't be as special or meaningful as playing the parts together.

Are you wondering what I meant by that?

Let's put it this way. I may have dreamt about the prefect dream proposal since young but though it didn't quite come to pass, I still had what I've wanted.

I wanted an engagement ring and I've got an engagement ring. What makes this engagement ring all the more special was because we picked it together. He chose the diamond, while I chose the ring setting and putting them together, you've got ONE as a whole and I find this ring more meaningful and valuable than any other. Cause it's special with a memory of us both involved.

The ring didn't come as a surprise cause I've known all along. Then came Valentine's Day.

I've been so busy with work that for the first time, I didn't get anything for him besides a last min DIY card from the heart which I took some time off from work to get it done before meeting up with him. It's been a stressful period for me and my sweet little boy brought me for a lovely meal indeed. Totally satisfying good meal which I enjoyed very much, followed by a late night movie Jupiter Ascending. The movie wasn't fantastic, but at least I finally got to watch a movie and distress from work. Good enough.

It made me think, he may not be romantic but he is sweet in his own little ways. He may not be a person to profess his love outwardly but he does it subtle in a way that touches your heart sincerely. We had a lovely valentine's date, simple yet blissful. That's when it all started, cause I kept asking if i'm getting any valentine's day present (which I was hoping it could be my engagement ring). Then came Sunday when he said, let's get the ring together cause I would need to see if it fits. And I agreed.

Sunday came, and we went to get the ring. Smiling brightly, he took the ring out of the box and said "Come dear, try on your finger." and slide the ring onto my finger. Instead of asking "Would You Marry Me?" he said "Do you like this ring"? Though the words, phrasing and proposal venue was all just so wrong. It definitely was a proposal I would never have dreamt off. Creative, special and unique in his own way. Who would have thought of such a realistic proposal? It ended with a silent yet simple proposal with just the two of us.

This what got me thinking. In fact, I did receive a proposal that's out of this world with it's own kind of sweetness. Before we step into another phrase as one, this engagement ring is already a phrase to mark us as ONE since both of us "made" this ring together. It makes me smile whenever I look at it and it only reminds me how precious moments like this are. As long as we are blissful and happy together, it doesn't matter whether the proposal is romantic or grand to show and have everyone envy how blissful we both are. What matters is, we both know it deep in our hearts what and how we mean to each other and how even the simplest gesture can still mean so much more. Without having to say it out loud.. YES, I DO!!

Although, not everything that took place was to what I've always dreamt about. At least the most important chapter of my life is totally what I've always dreamt of - To plan my very own magical wedding! It's tiring but I'm enjoying every single bit of this planning and I'm sure I'm going to miss this process once it's over. I'm thankful for having awesome people in my life, helping and advising me along the way giving me all the guidance I could never have asked for, step by step it's slowly paving into my perfect wedding.

I am definitely looking forward to the day we officially become husband and wife. We aren't too far from that every day in fact. 5 months to go, and we will be walking down a new chapter of our lives as one. Everything is slowly falling into place and there is still much to be done. But with God as the centre of our bond, this whole process will make a difference in a very meaningful way.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have gave us your blessings. It means a lot to us, especially to me. Our wedding date is set, 8 July 2015! There is still much to say, but I guess I should keep that speech for our wedding night. And so..  Till then, I'll be back to blog and share the love and blessings which we have receive. Also, it's a memory I would want to document down since it only happens once in a lifetime. Don't you agree?

P/S: Thank you Vince from Jann Paul (SG) for the awesome service and the lovely customized ring! I love it a lot and we both can't stop looking at it. (If you ever see this).

x o x o.

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  2. My bf and i did ours at JP too !! We chose the stone while he chose the setting though. Thankfully he chose a setting which i like. Anw am happy for you and Lucas !

  3. My bf and i did ours at JP too !! We chose the stone while he chose the setting though. Thankfully he chose a setting which i like. Anw am happy for you and Lucas !

  4. Hi Huishan, i think it's really sweet to pick or choose something meaningful like this together (: Thank you! And all the best to you and your beau too!! (:

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