Tuesday 13 November 2012

Frankenweenie Movie Review + Supper

I'm sure you guys have had an awesome day of rest today! And it's back to school/work again tomorrow but fred not cause it's finally mid-week, which means weekends are drawing near!

Credits to Evalee and Zerika for the photos! Well, silly me brought along my camera, but never had the chance to snap ANY photos cause my battery was low. Yes.. a bad mistake and lesson learnt. Always make sure your camera's battery is fully charged before you attend ANY event.

I have always loved Disney Movies ever since I was a kid, and have NEVER missed out on any Disney movies either. Thanks to NuffnangSG, I was given the opportunity to catch Disney's Frankenweenie screening before it's release into cinemas island wide. Attended the screening with my awesome buddy as well as fellow blogger, Zerika, Mr Style King, Evalee and Cookie.

thanks to Zerika for collecting tickets on my behalf!! <3


When the movie first started, I got a little doubtful. Thinking to myself, "I think this movie is gonna be crap!". But little by little, I was slowly drawn into the movie and got engrossed into the story, and followed through the whole movie with laughter, smiles and tears. It's a pretty meaningful and touching story. In almost every Disney movie, there's always a morale story behind it aye? Something worth teaching, something worth learning. I shall not say much before I start being a movie spoiler by spilling the story all out. Enjoy the movie with your family, friends and love ones. It's definitely worth watching!

  Rate: 8/10  

Catch Frankenweenie at any cinemas near you on the 15th of November!


Having to rush down directly from work, I haven't had dinner neither did some of the others. Thus, we landed ourselves at Xin Wang Cafe, Cinelesiure for dinner/supper. And of course, that's when all the cam whoring started. As girls, how could we NOT snap any photos right? And so, after getting our tummy's full, we started spamming and filling the camera's memory card. hehehe.

BEWARE: photo spamming (:
always ready for the camera.

Finally, a group photo with the rest of the bloggers before we bid goodbye for the night!

I've met some awesome new friends again! And thanks to William, we finally found out about phewtick! And now, I'm addicted to phewtick. >.<

Enjoyable Night indeed.

Happy Deepavali!!
Have an awesome night ahead!!

Till then.

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